Saturday, 28 April 2012

I want to encourage you

I want to encourage you, but I don't know how.

Do I tell you about the beautiful sunset I just witnessed outside my house? My wonder as I gawk at the blanket of purple intermingled with a tinge of red tucking in the world to go to sleep?

Do I talk about the day I spent with my family? Coming to the conclusion that even with all our faults and fights, God had chosen the perfect family for me to grow, for me to love, and for me to be inspired?

Do I talk about my thoughts? My thought process as I mull over my holidays, thanking God for all the rest and inspiration I received?

Maybe I could mention the fellowship I had with my brothers and sisters in Christ, or the return to my inner child as I played around with some pencil and paper.

I think I might just let God encourage you, because what I have is nothing special. It's filled with struggles and stress. It's not perfect and it's not something to live for.

My God, his awesome nature, his unending love, his amazing grace, is who I live for. And it is from him I receive all the life I need.

Isn't that an encouraging thought?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

What is your ambition in life?

Sorry for the lack of words flowing through this blog the past few weeks. It isn't that I haven't been thinking, I just haven't had enough time to put my thoughts to words, and time slipped by so fast without me even noticing. I still am quite busy with events to attend and to-do lists to be ticked off, but blogging seems to be some kind of therapy to me, a way of organising my thoughts.

When someone asks you "What is your ambitions in life?" what do you say? I often reply with something like "To glorify God", and leave it at that, but I often wonder if I am actually hiding away from answering the real question by shoving the "textbook answer" in the questioner's face.

Because, it often nags me. What is my ambition in life, apart from glorifying God? I am young and the world is an oyster in front of me, isn't it? Or is it like what a Psychology student once told me. "Your options in life are limited to around 3 professions by the time you turn three." Maybe that's exaggerating, maybe I heard wrong, but it does feel true in the sense that I wouldn't make my life's ambition to save nature, since I haven't really been brought up with it.

The problem is, I have so many things I like doing. Reading, writing, blogging, playing in my band, economics, designing, teaching, leading, travelling, learning. But out of these which are high enough on the list to be my ambitions?

In my head I imagine God showing me different doors, each with different, but appealing smells coming out of them. He stands behind me and is waiting for me to choose. It is so hard! Although I don't have to choose my ambition yet, the time I need to make a decision seems to be encroaching at me very, very fast.

The thing is, as I was writing about this, I now understand whichever path I take, God will use it for his glory. He will be supporting me. He will be comforting me. He will bring great things out of me.

It feels good to write and get my thoughts set out in words, thank you to all who read and support me, I hope you have had a great Easter break and that you will remember that whichever path you choose, God will use it for his glory.