Sunday, 27 February 2011

If you were designing a God

"If you designed a perfect god, what would he be like?". That is the question I was thinking about throughout the week, and I came up with many versions of my "perfect god".

Seeing the tragedy in New Zealand, I would first make my god loving, and caring. I would not want my god to kill just for the fun of it, or abuse his power. I would make my god powerful too, so I knew that I had someone strong behind me in every battle I face.

My god would also have to be just. If he wasn't just, the world I live in would be chaotic! No rules, no safety, no comfort. He would have to be just for everyone's safety. He would also be involved in the world, not just making the world and leaving it to us, he would make sure everything was running smoothly.

Finally, my god would be eternal. He would live forever, so he could always be there for the world. He would care for the world, even if they reject him, and be like a father to the world, not a King. He would be merciful too, so he will never stop loving me, even if I did something terribly wrong. he would forgive it.

As I thought what my god would be like, I thought I made a good enough list of the characteristics that my god should have. However, looking back, some of those characteristics clash. How could my god be just, but also be merciful? What about being loving but also being powerful to my enemies?

As I poked holes through my "perfect god", two thoughts came into my head.

As a human, I could never think up a "perfect god". I don't know enough about life, I am clouded by my own selfishness, and I am too short sighted. I could never satisfy my need for god, by making up my own. I would never be able to rely on myself, even in my day to day life!

However, luckily for me and all of mankind, there is a God who is perfect in every way imaginable. He knows everything I need, even if I might not know! And cares for me in every way imaginable. He is indescribable. Some days, I am just so glad that I can give all my burdens into God's hands and he knows what to do with it.

So as you read this post, what would your own "perfect god" be like? Does the true God satisfy your criteria? Remember, the real God knows what you really need, even if you don't.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sadness only lasts for a week

Today's post might be a little controversial, but I am going to talk about sadness. What I want to say is that, sadness only really lasts for less than a week. Please read on, and comment if you have any objections to what I say.

I thought about this topic, because yesterday for me was quite distressing. I felt sad, and just wanted to disappear from this world. It felt like I had a huge weight on my shoulders, and it was pushing me down into the ground. I couldn't look up and see anything good in the world anymore. However, when I woke up after a good night's sleep, everything seemed ok again. I was still sad a little bit, but not in despair, and I could see the good things in life again.

Some people might think that my day must not have been that bad, or I wouldn't have had a good night's sleep! But even the people with really bad days, like someone who found out a family member had died, or someone with depression, I think can still see the good things in life after a while. I am not saying that people like that will not be in grief of their loss after only one week, but I think they can still smile when they see some of the good things in life, not totally rejecting them.

Some things I think could bring someone to smile even if they were in grief are such things as the beauty of nature, the strength of some of their friendships, and most importantly, the love and care of God. Even though they might be in despair, these things give them hope, and can make them look forward to the better future.

As I thought about trying to get some hope in a time of despair, I came up with the idea of setting up a page with photos that give hope, or encouragement. I hope that they might encourage you whenever you are in the dumps, and you can be hopeful about the future, where you will get better. Here is a photo, just to show you what it will be like.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope that you were encouraged to think about sadness and depression. Please comment if you liked it, or not, so I know who I am writing to!


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Back to the roots...

Today's post will be me going back to the roots... Things that sustain me, things that never begin to bore even after most worldly things have broken, or lost its value, things I might take for granted sometimes, but I rely on as I stumble in the darkness. Things that God has given me, that he knows I need, better than any marketer, or sales person in the world.

1. Rain
I love the sound of rain. The pitter patter of rain falling on grass, the soft smell of nature wafting to your nose, and the clean natural air cooling your tongue. To me, rain is one of the best gifts of nature that still can be felt anywhere in the world. Many times a month I hate the buckets of water falling over my head as I walk to and fro outside, but even with the hate, I always get to the stage where I am glad that it rains.

2. Fire
Looking into the depths of a simple fire as often intrigued me for ages. I love the way the fire moves with the wind, giving light into any darkness. The wood seems to be breathing, as it changes colour every few seconds. Fire is a puzzle that I will never figure out, but will keep me interested for ages.

3. Grass
I know this might not seem like a stimulating thing to look at, but when I lie down on my lawn and just look into the forest of grass, there is so much more than first impressions. Flowers grow in unexpected places, making a smile on my face; ants scuttle doing their work, making me feel encouraged to work harder; and finally just the intense depth of roots and earth, where tiny organisms sustain the things that can be seen. It is just amazing seeing a tiny ecosystem just in a small patch of grass.

Three things that keep me occupied after all other toys, games, and technology go out of fashion. I can just imagine me being a grandfather, still taking delight in the small things in nature, even just the rain, fire, and grass.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please comment about anything you want, and tell me how you felt reading my posts. I hope that you were encouraged by the simple thoughts I have on life. I hope that you keep reading, and that you will be joyful in your life.


Saturday, 5 February 2011

What a tree thinks

As you should already know, I was named after a tree. As I was thinking about what I should write about, I day dreamed on the question, "If I was a tree, what would I be thinking?" These are some of the thoughts that I came up with.

In most books were trees can talk, they are portrayed as wise, calm, old, and slow to speak. So going from that point of view, I probably would be thinking not about petty human things, but just growing I guess... Every year, I would have come up with one thing worthwhile saying, said it, then gone back into the watching of the world. As a tree I would probably learn lots just from looking and listening, without having that much need to saying anything.

But, what would that once-a-year thought be? I just took a deep breath, so that counts as a year in my busy life time, and the super deep, profound, and wise thought I came up with was ...

"I am incompetent..."

In the end, as a human, I know that I will never be like that tree I was named after. I do get involved in petty human things, and all too often they take over my life! Nearly everyday, I seem to waste my day, and at the end of it I think, "That was pointless...!" The worst thing is, every time I try and fix myself up, I never can. In the end, my only worthwhile thought is "I am incompetent..."

But what about the river? Without the river, the tree will get withered, it will lose its majesticness, and fall into ruin, becoming a dead log. So, it isn't the tree after all. It is the river that supports it. If the river goes, the tree goes with it.

And what is the river in my life? You might be able to guess from my other posts. He made me with his own hands, he always is there for me even though I reject him so many times, and he doesn't care how incompetent I am, he is supporting me throughout my life. God.

So even though I will never be that tree with my own strength, with God's power, he will grow me up taller and taller, and keep me from falling.

Thanks for reading my blog! Please comment about what you think, and I hope that you can find God in your life, and reach out to him for the stability you need!