Sunday, 27 February 2011

If you were designing a God

"If you designed a perfect god, what would he be like?". That is the question I was thinking about throughout the week, and I came up with many versions of my "perfect god".

Seeing the tragedy in New Zealand, I would first make my god loving, and caring. I would not want my god to kill just for the fun of it, or abuse his power. I would make my god powerful too, so I knew that I had someone strong behind me in every battle I face.

My god would also have to be just. If he wasn't just, the world I live in would be chaotic! No rules, no safety, no comfort. He would have to be just for everyone's safety. He would also be involved in the world, not just making the world and leaving it to us, he would make sure everything was running smoothly.

Finally, my god would be eternal. He would live forever, so he could always be there for the world. He would care for the world, even if they reject him, and be like a father to the world, not a King. He would be merciful too, so he will never stop loving me, even if I did something terribly wrong. he would forgive it.

As I thought what my god would be like, I thought I made a good enough list of the characteristics that my god should have. However, looking back, some of those characteristics clash. How could my god be just, but also be merciful? What about being loving but also being powerful to my enemies?

As I poked holes through my "perfect god", two thoughts came into my head.

As a human, I could never think up a "perfect god". I don't know enough about life, I am clouded by my own selfishness, and I am too short sighted. I could never satisfy my need for god, by making up my own. I would never be able to rely on myself, even in my day to day life!

However, luckily for me and all of mankind, there is a God who is perfect in every way imaginable. He knows everything I need, even if I might not know! And cares for me in every way imaginable. He is indescribable. Some days, I am just so glad that I can give all my burdens into God's hands and he knows what to do with it.

So as you read this post, what would your own "perfect god" be like? Does the true God satisfy your criteria? Remember, the real God knows what you really need, even if you don't.


  1. Good morning - just stopping by from the weekend blog hop and I love it here! Happy to follow you :)
    My God is perfect just the way He is, and I'm so happy to belong to Him.
    Be blessed today!

  2. Interesting post. I think it's hard to pin down what would be the most important qualities, but I think "understanding" would be endlessly important.
    It's hard to have faith when horrible things happen, but I guess all we can do is try to put as much "good" out there as we can :)

  3. Popping over from FTLOB, and I have to say I love that you were the post above mine. Isn't it amazing to have a God is all of those things? It seems impossible but is completely true. It's too hard for us to comprehend how wonderful He truly is and how much He know about what I need, but all my trust is in Him. Interesting post, thanks!

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  5. Hmmm... it's difficult to decide what a perfect god would be. Are you saying what would a perfect god be period, and what kind of world would he have created, or are we saying if one magically popped into existence today, what characteristics would I want him to have? The problem is you can't describe the perfect god without describing the perfect world he'd create so... I'll do that, and I'll go with the former.
    None of the gods that have been contrived by man nowadays even come close to satisfactory. They are riddled with obviously human characteristics and biases, a justification for bigotry (for example, against women or homosexuals). I value freedom above all else (true freedom, not the freedom toted around by politicians), the freedom to do whatever you want to as long as you aren't directly hurting anyone else. My god would not place arbitrary rules on anyone, my god would not punish anyone for refusing to believe in him. My god would provide a place for curious humans to experiment and exercise their rational faculties while not asking for faith or dogmatic following of his principles; he would be secure in who he was and he would create a stimulating environment for his humans. Natural disasters wouldn't be a problem, and certain elements of the human psyche which permit murder wouldn't exist, and there wouldn't be a need to kill or be killed, for genocide, for sickness, but there would be consequences for actions, to provide a place for people to become individuals, a place where people can decide if the risks outweigh the benefits, a place for free thinking and freedom of choice.
    (I removed the last one because of grammar mistakes XD I'm OCD about that kind of crap)

  6. I like your post! It definitely sparks wonder. When you have time, read my blog for Feb 20th where I quoted a poem by Kabir: "How Humble is God." Never in a million years would I (prior to reading that poem) have ever pondered God as humble. That to me speaks volumes of a perfect God.

    Have a beautiful week to you and all your followers!

  7. Thanks for all your comments!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I have something for you at my blog. Read the March 2, 2011 post entitled My First Award and follow the instructions at the end of it. Oh, and as an added bonus, it is also green like your background. LOL.