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This blog, "A tree by the river", is just an outlet for me to express my thoughts, usually something to do with God and how amazing he is. I post about once a week, in the hope that people who read my posts will be encouraged as much as I do from the awesome amazingness of God.

The name "A tree by the river", is because I was named after a tree (you can read more on my profile). I wanted this blog to show my growth as I came closer to God, and in that, make others grow too.

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I hope you have a blessed day!


  1. I really like this idea for your blog based on your name and thirst for God, as you put it, to show your growth as you get closer to God and thereby encourage others to grow too... I like it:) just like we all enjoy sitting under a nice leafy tree for the shade and refreshing peace it brings so may many find solace,comfort and inspiration as you reflect on the Source of Life Himself and continue to grow Stronger day by day! God Bless!!!

  2. I was just blogging about being 'made for eternity' and I thought I'd search around to see what other posts I could possibly find. Stumbled upon your blog, read some of the posts, and was encouarged by them! Thanks for being a blessing, and it's nice to know there are fellow teenagers out there who are serious about our faith :) I'm subscribing to your blog!

  3. Really like this blog. I just started a blog for tween/teen christian girls if you want to check that out at http://www.girlsandchrist.blogspot.com I would really appreciate it!

  4. God is amazing?  

    As the fact there is no valid evidence any god exists is the reason there are 775 former programmed Christian ministers in the clergy project who are now atheists as well as multi-millions of former programmed Christians who are now also atheists, it puzzles me how any rational, intelligent and logical person believes that.

    It also puzzles me how Christians do not realize the only reason they do not believe in many gods just as strongly as they believe in the single god of the Christians, is simply because they were raised "Programmed" by Christians and not Hindus?