Saturday, 29 January 2011

The meaning of deep

Sometimes, I just feel like, "What is the point of thinking deep?". Usually, after a profound thought crosses my head, I might ponder on it for a moment, and then it will fly away, never to be found again. Deep thoughts never really go to my heart, they just stay in my head for awhile, and then go somewhere else. I sometimes think that if I will forget whatever supposedly "profound' and "insightful" thought, why bother to think about it, and why bother to make some deep conclusion from it?

When I feel this way, I usually remember why I started thinking deep in the first place. I say that I have 3 reasons for looking into life to get more out of it.

1. The meaning of deep

The meaning of deep in my mind is something that far below the surface. Although, this is usually meant with things such as the sea, I think it also shows what a deep thought is. A deep thought is also something that is below the surface. it has to be dug up to be found. It might not be quite obvious to start with, but as you dig more, you find the treasure under the vast expanse of the ocean. This always makes me feel like it is worth it to keep digging deeper, and finding the treasure in life.

2. The feeling of deep

What also makes me keep going is the feeling of knowing what is behind it all, being able to understand the feelings and background to a situation. This also keeps me wanting to think deep, and to try and understand.

3. The God in deep

Ultimately, it comes down to what I think is the most important. God made humans to be able to think deep. It says in the bible that he made humans be able to understand eternity (which is a pretty deep thought). Plus, as the 1st reason shows, deep is the thing that is in our hearts, deep under our outer appearance. I always put God deep in my heart, where he changes me. Like the sea. Even things deep in the water, can still affect the surface.

In the end, I am always amazed at the things I find by thinking deep. It shows that God is everywhere, and that he is behind everything. By putting him in my life, I know that he will take care of me.

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Friday, 21 January 2011

When you just feel weighted down.

This movie really shows some good themes, and I hope you like it!

This video was done by the skit guys. They do lots of skits which show some deep and meaningful stuff. If you liked this video, check them out at

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

As life goes on

2 weeks into a new year, after a nice holiday, you come back to your home and you feel like everything is back to the usual badness again. You have work to do, things to stress about, changes to make in your life, and big events that seem to get closer to you, when you are sure you are not prepared for it. To me, I get so down about what bad things are going to happen in the next year, that I just feel like I want to just stop time and just stay where I am.

When I get down like that, it is hard to remember the good things that come with life too. Life is more than just a bunch of events, there are people, relationships, and emotional experiences that make up life too. If I don't live life, why else was I born?

To die? Of course not!

So why should I be scared of living my life? It is a god given gift, I should be grateful to God for it, and use it! God wants me to!

When I feel down about how life goes on, and nothing seems to be good, I need to remember all the other things that make up life, and live life to the full, as God wants me to.

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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Joy. How it has changed!

I just finished reading Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, and it was very good. Although sometimes boring, he has many quotations that are very, very deep, and he puts his ideas to words very well. One quote that struck me was this.

"Children instantly accept joy and happiness with quick familiarity, being happy and joyful by nature."

What do you think of it? Does it make you happy, or sad?

What I thought was first that he explains children very well. They always seem to accept everything as good, and even if something bad happens, once they have had a cry, they soon get over it, and still keep a good outlook on life. A child then brings that joy, and shares it with others. It is hard to be mad at something when you have a beaming child next to you.

However, there is a sad aspect to this quote too. It implies that all children grow out of this joyful nature. Slowly, the world erodes away the joy in a child's heart. It is a sad but true reality, that shows the brokenness of this world. People still say they are a child at heart, but a hard, cold wall of cynicism, and reality, bar that child from freely expressing itself. Is is also a sad fact, that even if that child manages to express itself, people around that person think he is crazy, further pushing his inner child into darkness.

Another point about joy, is that it is something that humans really need. Imagine a world with no joy, it is like a world without any sunlight! It is sad when people turn to man made things for joy. They will never satisfy a mans inner most yearnings. It is amazing though, to see someone who has found the proper source of joy; in Gods love. Once a person understands that, they know their life is filled with joy. They do not have to search for it anything more.

I hope you liked that quote, and again, I really recommend you reading that book, it is one of the most deep and emotional books I have ever read.

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