Saturday, 15 January 2011

As life goes on

2 weeks into a new year, after a nice holiday, you come back to your home and you feel like everything is back to the usual badness again. You have work to do, things to stress about, changes to make in your life, and big events that seem to get closer to you, when you are sure you are not prepared for it. To me, I get so down about what bad things are going to happen in the next year, that I just feel like I want to just stop time and just stay where I am.

When I get down like that, it is hard to remember the good things that come with life too. Life is more than just a bunch of events, there are people, relationships, and emotional experiences that make up life too. If I don't live life, why else was I born?

To die? Of course not!

So why should I be scared of living my life? It is a god given gift, I should be grateful to God for it, and use it! God wants me to!

When I feel down about how life goes on, and nothing seems to be good, I need to remember all the other things that make up life, and live life to the full, as God wants me to.

I hope you liked my post, and please comment if you were encouraged, and I hope you will keep reading.



  1. I like this post...though I'm too far right now into depression to see any light or good. I know it's's just that I'm in a lot of pain right now.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I am really sorry that you are in lots of suffering, but I hope that you will soon get to the end of the dark tunnel. I hope that God will watch over you in your troubles.