Sunday, 24 June 2012

Never Alone

A weight has lifted off my shoulders I never knew was there. The sunshine is brighter, the laughter is louder, and the joy is overwhelming.

I'm already a Christian so it isn't a conversion I am talking about. But the fact that another part of God's plan in making me more like him has fallen into place. I have a new understanding of God's grace.

I knew God had saved us, so striving to be more like Jesus was our goal. To glorify God our purpose. I knew that and strived to live my life in order that in everything I do, I would be a walking, talking, advertisement for the amazingness of God. When I stuffed up, I praised God that he forgives, and go back to trying to glorify him again.

Maybe I had already understood everything I needed to know, but this week I saw it from a different perspective. I understood that in the above paragraph, the only thing that matters as a Christian is the first 6 words. "I knew God had saved us".

It doesn't matter if all my ministry fails. It doesn't matter if I always struggle with prayer. It doesn't matter that I will never be the "perfect Christian". Because God has already saved me.

Maybe that is obvious to you, but it wasn't to me. Maybe the fact that I am still at school means I feel like I have to work hard to get the marks I deserve. So I need to strive to be more godly to get God to love me more.

But it isn't like that! And the greatest news of all is, now I know that, I'll be serving God out of gratitude, not out of servitude. It won't be a burden it will be an honour and blessing.

So thanks for reading this confession. That I came to understand that even if I fail, I will be Never Alone.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

God's Economics

Economics seems to be the buzz. Newspapers write feature articles on it, students study it, people share their opinions on it, and politicians manipulate it. With the global economic climate not doing so well, and the fact that the problem deals with lots of money, (in the trillions), it is a legitimate concern to be worried about.

It has been interesting for me studying economics to see the extent to which economics governs our lives. Everyone needs money, and everyone wants more money. The fact that a whole industry has been created to cater for the above demand shows the degree in which the human race is steeped in this desire. Even more interesting is the fact that human well-being is mostly measured by economic factors. How much money someone has.

I understand there are legitimate struggles for those with little access to money. Since I have a computer, I am already in the top 1% of the richest people in the world. So what I am not saying is that money isn't important. It is!

But I think God's economics will look different. Money will be used, but won't be coveted. Wealth will be a blessing to be shared, not a treasure to be guarded. God's economics will benefit humans, not enslave them.

So when I hear news of a market crash, I will be praying. Praying for the millions of people who have lost money, that they will not be devastated. But also, that they will understand that no matter what, they can never lose God.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

How to write a song #2

I went busking last Wednesday. My guitar and I, in the cool wind of Winter, sitting on the damp pavement, enjoying the glances of strangers acknowledging the presence of my music. I went through my repertoire once, maybe twice, and decided I wanted more variety.

Skimming through the range of music I have played in the years gone by, I hit upon a bulk of songs that were usually reserved for singing in buildings, with other people singing along, but I knew how to play them, and I liked them, so I decided to go for it. I started playing church songs.

Not until a couple came up to me and said "We love Sovereign Grace music! Which church do you go to?" did I understand how much of an encouragement I was to the occasional Christian walking about. Not only was it encouraging to them, it was for me too, as I sang the words "So that everyone might know your name / Let Your Kingdom Come" in the middle of a crowded mall. I really felt like I was doing God's work then!

Unlike what the post title says, this is not a post about me writing a song. It is a post about me continuing God's song, the call for everyone to come to know him, and for the return of Jesus with his glory.