Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Saying NO to advertising

Have you ever tried to say no to advertising? I mean on TV when someone is saying you should by that new car, or toy, or experience, or product.

I do it all the time, for two reasons.

The first is that it is very fun.
It keeps me occupied during the ads and makes fun of the actors who try so hard to persuade me to but their product! They failed this time...
It also makes fun of the companies who spend billions of dollars to get me to buy their product, and I just waste the money by saying No.
Some of you might say advertising still works, and just because I don't buy it, doesn't mean everyone else won't. That's true, but now I come to the second reason...

The second reason is because it lifts a huge weight of my shoulders. Watching ads on TV make you think that you need so much stuff in life to be satisfied. The whole aim of advertisements is to make you feel like you have a problem (such as not looking good), then providing a solution (a cool car, or new make up). What is really annoying is that usually you don't even actually have a problem, but they make you think you do...

Most people fall into buying something they don't need because they trust that the advertisers know about how they can fix their problems. But in reality, companies only want money, and don;t truly care for the well being of you! The only true provider of things we need in out life is God, and we don't have to pay for what he gives... Stop looking at the media, or other companies to help you in times of need. Remember, they are humans too, they probably have the same problem's as you! Only God, who is perfect, always knows better about what you need.

By saying No to advertising, you remind yourself that life is OK without a new product, and stops you from buying it. You remind yourself that you have someone else, God, who you can trust to provide you what you need. Next time if a handsome actor or actress says "Book a test drive now", or "Get it at a new store now", just say No!

It makes me feel good, why don't you try it...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Living in a suitcase

My recent craze is to try and fit as much as possible in the smallest amount of space.
I managed to pack for a 3 day camp in a tiny day pack, while others had hefty suitcases. I even managed to bring games, and tons of stuff to play when we got there.
Everyone looked at me like I was amazing, with my small bag and all.
Packing light is so much fun, and I think you should try it too.
But, this made me think, what about all the stuff I have at home?
Do I really need my ornaments, or mini lamp, or an amazing semi precious gemstone.
What if I sold these things, or gave them away to charity...
And next time, why don't I not buy that nice dog ornament, or opt out of paying more for a "precious memory reminder", and give it to church instead.
If I can live like that, it will be better. Less cleaning too!
I hope that next time, my memory will be enough without a "special ornament".
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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I hate rain, but do I?

It's been raining throughout the week, and I am feeling quite depressed that I can't go outside. It seems to be permanently set on rain, or clouds with no sun coming through to enjoy, or to dry my clothes...

I could keep complaining about rain... It seems that no one wants water dumped on them when they don't want to. But about 2 years ago, wasn't everyone praying for rain?

Australia was in drought, there was low dam levels, and it seemed like Australia was doomed into turning into just a desert island. Everyone prayed to God for rain on a regularly basis, and thanked him when it came [even though in small amounts].

Zoom back into today's time. What happened to all those prayers? They were answered! NSW is now classified as not being in drought anymore! Hooray! I went on a hike into Western NSW, and I expected brown grass, and dead trees, but instead I was met with beautiful scenery of lush green grass, and strong lively trees.

It might not be connected but I always think that I am happy God is the one in control of my life, not me. It's so easy to get lost on the way to life, it is so good that God lets us look to him for guidance. Plus, he knows what I want better than I do! So why wouldn't I put trust into him for providing me with what I need.

I hope next time I pray for something, I might be patient for the answer, and be thankful for God that he is in control. I hope also that I can lean on him throughout my life, and remember that he always knows better.

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