Monday, 27 February 2012

Creative Loving

How big is your circle of friends? The people you care for, the people you love? Differing between people it must be, do you know how big it should be? Well according to God, it should be 6371 km in diameter. And it's more like a sphere of friends actually...
Because guess what? God said to love everyone. The whole world! Even enemies, the stranger you see on the train, the neighbour everybody stays away from, the homeless man at the station. That's a daunting task isn't it! Whenever I get challenged to love like that, I give up without even trying. I say "too expensive" or "too time consuming" and after justifying myself, I forget all about it. But what's the point of being challenged if I don't do anything about it!
So, I came up with an idea...

You might remember some time ago I posted about how everyone had some creativity in them, even if it wasn't appreciated by others or by themselves. Well, one good way to use our gift of creativity would be in love. To do some Creative Loving.
What I mean with creative love is not "How to say 'I Love You' in 100 creative ways", which is what the world might think of the term, but rather understanding that with whatever skills or resources we have (doesn't have to be money) we can love someone, in response to Jesus' love for us. 
So for me, I have decided to give more of my time and "status", as some might call it, away to love those in need. Practically, this would mean me stopping to talk with those who might be lonely, or collecting cans from neighbours for the homeless to eat.
Although creative loving makes it sound more fun, loving all the people in the world is a daunting and near impossible task. That doesn't mean we give up without trying. Start with small steps, remembering that your love is just a reflection of God's love for us. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Long distance Phone Call

I just came off a long-distance phone call. From my mobile. For 20 minutes. And I had one last week too... You must think I am either super rich or I've got a really good phone plan. I am neither. Both calls were totally free. It's because I didn't really need to have a phone to talk to this person. He doesn't have a phone number, or a time when it goes onto voice mail, and you only hear his pre-recorded voice. No, he is able to listen to whatever we want to say, whenever we want, with us paying nothing, not even doing anything special...

By now you should know that I had two long conversations with God. It did feel like a phone call though, because I put my mobile to my ear, and talked into it the whole time. I just felt like it, and for me it was beneficial in concentrating, and letting everything out.

What did we talk about? Just life in general, really... The future, the past, work, school, relationships, friendships, enemies, emotions. Although I couldn't hear God's voice through the phone speaker, I knew he was listening. And it was one of the most satisfying conversations I ever had (Not just because the other side wouldn't interrupt at all, although that was quite special...). It was good because I knew that God was able to do something about what I said.

Most people will either say sorry, try and change the subject, or try to take your mind of the problem if you share anything bad that goes on in your life with them. Which is nice, because that is all they can do. But with God, he changes everything. Not that if you tell him you are getting bullied he will go down and smite the bully! But his love never ends. So when I told him I didn't know what was happening for my future, he comforted me in his hands, and reminded me that he truly was in control, so there was nothing to worry about.

I encourage you to also have a much needed long distance phone call with your heavenly father. The one who will be there no matter what, and love you. And as I love to think. Loved by God? That is the best thing in the world.

Monday, 6 February 2012

A Happy Hobby

10 minutes ago, I was a little down in the dumps, blue in the face, not punching my full weight. You know, sad, tired, annoyed. All those negative things that hit you sometimes and leave you crawling on the floor, wondering if you would ever be able to get up again. But that was 10 minutes ago. Now, I'm quite all right. What happened in the ten minutes? I wrote.

Everyone has a hobby that lifts them up, I suspect. Take for example Molly. She loves to draw. Today wasn't really a good day for her so you see her with a frown and wrinkles attacking her face. You suggest that she draw something. First, she shakes her head fervently. But as you point out the beautiful sky and all the inspiration surrounding her, you see a tendril of a smile beginning to form at the edge of her lips. Which slowly turns into a smirk and then an ashamed smile, which is a smile nonetheless. It is actually quite amazing to see a smile born. I encourage you to try and coax one out of someone sometime.

Anyway, for Molly drawing was her "happy hobby". I'm sure all of you could name one thing that lend you the power to get up from the dumps and to stand up again. If you don't, it is always a good idea to remember that this "happy hobby" is only meant for yourself. If others don't like it, it doesn't matter! Sometimes it is good to be selfish and keep your masterpieces to yourself, especially when others just can't see through your lens.

I also just wanted to add that God is good, because I felt like it, and sometimes we so often focus on what he made and ourselves, we forget that he is there behind everything we do, everything we touch, everything we hear. Loving us, and sustaining us. Isn't he just amazing?