Monday, 6 February 2012

A Happy Hobby

10 minutes ago, I was a little down in the dumps, blue in the face, not punching my full weight. You know, sad, tired, annoyed. All those negative things that hit you sometimes and leave you crawling on the floor, wondering if you would ever be able to get up again. But that was 10 minutes ago. Now, I'm quite all right. What happened in the ten minutes? I wrote.

Everyone has a hobby that lifts them up, I suspect. Take for example Molly. She loves to draw. Today wasn't really a good day for her so you see her with a frown and wrinkles attacking her face. You suggest that she draw something. First, she shakes her head fervently. But as you point out the beautiful sky and all the inspiration surrounding her, you see a tendril of a smile beginning to form at the edge of her lips. Which slowly turns into a smirk and then an ashamed smile, which is a smile nonetheless. It is actually quite amazing to see a smile born. I encourage you to try and coax one out of someone sometime.

Anyway, for Molly drawing was her "happy hobby". I'm sure all of you could name one thing that lend you the power to get up from the dumps and to stand up again. If you don't, it is always a good idea to remember that this "happy hobby" is only meant for yourself. If others don't like it, it doesn't matter! Sometimes it is good to be selfish and keep your masterpieces to yourself, especially when others just can't see through your lens.

I also just wanted to add that God is good, because I felt like it, and sometimes we so often focus on what he made and ourselves, we forget that he is there behind everything we do, everything we touch, everything we hear. Loving us, and sustaining us. Isn't he just amazing?


  1. God is indeed amazing! I love how you describe his love and just wanna say your blog posts are always inspiring!:D

  2. I agree it is amazing. I have to laugh over a smile being born. I to this to my husband once in a while when he seems down; I try to pull that smile out of him and it works. Thanks for thoughtful post today. Loved it!

  3. I love this! I love how God speaks throu you, thanks for letting Him :D xx