Monday, 30 January 2012

Month of silence

Sorry for the silence this past month, I could make excuses but I think I know what the real problem is. I have become tired of my own thoughts.

When I started this blog, every idea would make it to the drawing board because I wanted to flesh it out a bit, and see what came out of even some tiny observation. However, as the months passed by, I felt that I had to improve on my writing or something, so only select things would be mused on. But what happened was, as the list of things to talk about got smaller and smaller, writing about them became harder and harder, until I wouldn't even want to look at the computer screen anymore. And then comes the month of silence... It really was all my own fault.

Thankfully, I have been rebuked of my stupidity, and can tell you that if you read this blog because of the attention it gives to the small things in life, then you can enjoy it as I go back to doing so.

A short thought to end the post, I think it is a blessing to lose things. (There are many exceptions of course, but bear with me). Recently I was giving my room a well needed clean up which ended with my head being placed 1 inch from the ground as I cleared under my bed. What I found brightened my day! A name tag from a recent conference, which brought back all the memories; a guitar pick, which gave me an excuse to pick up my guitar and play it; and a wrist band, which reminded me of the things I was thinking when I bought it. If I had not lost these things, they would not have been appreciated so much, much like my thoughts. If I had not lost them in the process of trying to clear out my mind (I'm not saying that I am losing my mind though!) I would not appreciate them as much as if they were still there all the time.

So thank you for enduring this month of silence, as I learnt some new things. Hopefully you have to.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Those little things that matter

I've got about 30 minutes left before my body shuts down and I fall into my much needed sleep. What will I share with you? Well, I don't know either! You might remember me wanting to change the style of my writing about a month ago. You also might have noticed, nothing really has changed... I didn't want to break my promise, so a new way of writing, a new way of thinking. Since its the new year, it probably is appropriate. What do you think it means?

Five men walk through the woods.
Talking all sorts of whimsical words such as politics and what sport star is their favourite.
One stops by the road to sniff a wild flower, and is left behind.

Four men reach the nearby creek.
Showing off all their latest gadgets to impress their peers.
One jumps into the creek to feel the cool water rush against his skin, and is left behind.

Three men wait at the train station.
Challenging each other's minds with classic riddles.
One hardly listens, and instead follows the path of a tiny ant, and is left behind.

Two men watching the television.
Tensing as a murderer appears on screen.
One nods off and experiences the true wonder of his dreams, and is left behind.

One man eating his dinner in silence.
Planning his life out so he can relax.
He gets what he wanted...

The others get distracted by better things.