Sunday, 1 January 2012

Those little things that matter

I've got about 30 minutes left before my body shuts down and I fall into my much needed sleep. What will I share with you? Well, I don't know either! You might remember me wanting to change the style of my writing about a month ago. You also might have noticed, nothing really has changed... I didn't want to break my promise, so a new way of writing, a new way of thinking. Since its the new year, it probably is appropriate. What do you think it means?

Five men walk through the woods.
Talking all sorts of whimsical words such as politics and what sport star is their favourite.
One stops by the road to sniff a wild flower, and is left behind.

Four men reach the nearby creek.
Showing off all their latest gadgets to impress their peers.
One jumps into the creek to feel the cool water rush against his skin, and is left behind.

Three men wait at the train station.
Challenging each other's minds with classic riddles.
One hardly listens, and instead follows the path of a tiny ant, and is left behind.

Two men watching the television.
Tensing as a murderer appears on screen.
One nods off and experiences the true wonder of his dreams, and is left behind.

One man eating his dinner in silence.
Planning his life out so he can relax.
He gets what he wanted...

The others get distracted by better things.


  1. Loved the thoughts behind your writings. It is true that sometimes the distractions bring the greater blessings. Great food fot thought.

  2. I love this story, I truly believe everyone should read it. It may help people to stay focused on the goal and not get side tracked. It helped me to stay on track. I am happy that I have stumbled across your blog.