Monday, 26 December 2011

Life is a waiting room

Christmas was yesterday. The people, the carols, the presents, the stories all yesterday. All the build up was for yesterday. Isn't it interesting if you put it that way. We build up so much excitement for something that passes in one day! Liken it to a toy. you save up your money to buy a present you wanted so much and it lasts for one day and then is thrown out. All I can think of is "What a waste!"

I understand that Christmas is not just about the day itself, Jesus' birth is one of the best things to celebrate! My real point is that our lives often seem to be just like waiting rooms. Like the ones in airports. We spend our lives waiting for what we desire.

So back to the Christmas theme, when did you first notice that Christmas was the next big event on the calendar? When the shops switched their background music to Christmas carols? When cars try to mimic Rudolph with their red noses? Maybe when all your presents from last year were used up? For me it was the holidays. Summer (I live in the southern hemisphere) holidays started, and I noticed Christmas was coming soon. From then on my spare time was spent waiting for it. Imagining how the day would pan out.

Throughout the year there are many things we wait for. Weekends, payday, a delivery to arrive, a wedding, a birthday, a test result, a friend to come back. So I think my metaphor gives quite an accurate description of life. In the waiting room, we do have thing to keep us occupied like the magazines, but we are still essentially waiting for something in life.

It needs to be understood however, that this is in no means a negative look at life. Looking at the above list, most of the things we wait for and great! It is when we wait for the wrong things that our lives go to waste. Waiting for your wallet to be filled with $100 notes is not worth the precious waiting time. But waiting for a baby boy to grow into a fine young man is definitely worth spending your waiting time on.

So this Christmas. What are you waiting for? Is it worth it? Everyone only has so many minutes to wait, so make sure you use the wisely.

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  1. This post could not be more true. Life really is a waiting room. Then, the irony is, once we wait for something and it finally happens, we're onto waiting for the next thing so we forget to enjoy what we waited for in the first place... a never-ending cycle (aside from death, of course), or so it appears.

    ~Kristen~ :)