Sunday, 18 December 2011

My mind games

I get bored. You must get bored too. But I get bored quicker, well that's my interpretation anyway. Everyone else seems to find something to do and look like they are interested where as for me, my glazed eye look comes as soon as my mouth or hands stop doing something. So I resort to mind games. They do not increase brain capacity at all. No they are games. Exactly that. Pointless things to waste away the minutes.

1. My favourite is to imagine the area around me 1000 years ago.

Humans have really changed the surrounding landscape. Even green things, like ovals, were probably covered in trees instead of just being a clearing. I could say something meaningful about this, but nature is so overcoming over my senses that it blots out all my other thoughts.

2. Guess other people's thoughts.

Maybe creepy, but as I said, they are mind games, so I'm not going to blurt anything out. Usually I give people very depressive thoughts, and then I think, "Hey I'm not depressed? Why would they be?", so they become happier beings. But I usually think my depressive guesses are more accurate. It's just percentage wise. I think...

3. Finally, I trace my thought process.

So if I were to trace my thought process to this point it would be from:
Mind games --> Stuff I do while I'm bored --> When am I bored? --> When I walk home --> I trace my thoughts...
So I try to go back as far as possible. I remember once I traced my thoughts back to hearing a bee, and that had slowly worked into me thinking about funniest commercials. Whoever can try and guess how that came about, I may award something. Or just respect more...

So when your bored, (Probably after reading this post) try one of them. I assure you, boring times will be no more. And while I'm at it, Merry Christmas. I hope you won't need my tips anytime soon during this season...


  1. You always have such unique thoughts. I liked your mind games. I like to watch people and imagine what they are doing or thinking. I have many times seen pain on someones face. As a nurse working with people and the opportunities of service in our church I have learned to read faces and body language and I can usually tell if they are in some kind of pain.
    Blessings to you; this was a great read today.