Sunday, 3 June 2012

How to write a song #2

I went busking last Wednesday. My guitar and I, in the cool wind of Winter, sitting on the damp pavement, enjoying the glances of strangers acknowledging the presence of my music. I went through my repertoire once, maybe twice, and decided I wanted more variety.

Skimming through the range of music I have played in the years gone by, I hit upon a bulk of songs that were usually reserved for singing in buildings, with other people singing along, but I knew how to play them, and I liked them, so I decided to go for it. I started playing church songs.

Not until a couple came up to me and said "We love Sovereign Grace music! Which church do you go to?" did I understand how much of an encouragement I was to the occasional Christian walking about. Not only was it encouraging to them, it was for me too, as I sang the words "So that everyone might know your name / Let Your Kingdom Come" in the middle of a crowded mall. I really felt like I was doing God's work then!

Unlike what the post title says, this is not a post about me writing a song. It is a post about me continuing God's song, the call for everyone to come to know him, and for the return of Jesus with his glory.

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  1. I love Christian music and I think it is awesome that you played this in a crowded mall. Blessings to you for this one!