Sunday, 20 May 2012

Without Eyes

Many of my ideas for this blog come while I walk to and from my house. I always try and forget how long I have to go or how tired I am, and let my thoughts take over. Recently, I have walked this path so many times I have challenged myself in taking as many steps as possible with my eyes closed. I have slowly progressed and now I can take 20 steps with only my ears and feet to guide me. Without eyes, my other senses take over.

Since it was an unusual experience (I get enjoyment out of many random things), I decided to go without eyes again, this time at a park. I did not move, but I tried to recall my surroundings by the sounds I heard. Do you know how many different sounds you can hear in a park?

I heard some kids laughter, a bus rumbling by, the creak of the swings, the rustle of the leaves, the whisper of insects feet. The longer I sat there, the more attuned I became to the input in my ears, and it felt I was experiencing a brand new world.

I often hear people talk about the beauty of creation and how creative our God is, which is true. But God's creation is not just taken in with our eyes. It is breathed in, it is heard, it is experienced, it is felt. The beauty of the world is for all our senses, and I am hoping I can come to appreciate every single one.


  1. I really loved your post today. I was inspired by what you did. I may even try it. I have a nine year old granddaugther who is blind. She can see light and some objects. I tried one day to put a blindfold on to see how it might feel. Your thoughts on tuning in with your other sences was awesome. She can play the piano by ear and has been able to do that since she was 3 years old. She is mentally challenged somewhat; so it is even more than a miracle.
    I loved this one; blessings to you!

  2. Thank you for your comment LeAnn. The story of your granddaughter was an encouragement to me. I also heard a speaker who is blind talk about how much God has blessed her, maybe not with sight but with other things. It is amazing the faith that these people have!

  3. You ruined a perfectly good story by bringing God into it. I mean, I actually enjoyed this, and could relate to it, until I got to the last paragraph and the "Holier than thou" attitude you take.

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      I'm sorry that I came across as condescending, I had no intention. I just wanted to encourage people of how awesome God's creation is.
      Feel free to take in what you want from my posts, I am glad that at least some part you can relate to.