Sunday, 2 January 2011

Joy. How it has changed!

I just finished reading Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, and it was very good. Although sometimes boring, he has many quotations that are very, very deep, and he puts his ideas to words very well. One quote that struck me was this.

"Children instantly accept joy and happiness with quick familiarity, being happy and joyful by nature."

What do you think of it? Does it make you happy, or sad?

What I thought was first that he explains children very well. They always seem to accept everything as good, and even if something bad happens, once they have had a cry, they soon get over it, and still keep a good outlook on life. A child then brings that joy, and shares it with others. It is hard to be mad at something when you have a beaming child next to you.

However, there is a sad aspect to this quote too. It implies that all children grow out of this joyful nature. Slowly, the world erodes away the joy in a child's heart. It is a sad but true reality, that shows the brokenness of this world. People still say they are a child at heart, but a hard, cold wall of cynicism, and reality, bar that child from freely expressing itself. Is is also a sad fact, that even if that child manages to express itself, people around that person think he is crazy, further pushing his inner child into darkness.

Another point about joy, is that it is something that humans really need. Imagine a world with no joy, it is like a world without any sunlight! It is sad when people turn to man made things for joy. They will never satisfy a mans inner most yearnings. It is amazing though, to see someone who has found the proper source of joy; in Gods love. Once a person understands that, they know their life is filled with joy. They do not have to search for it anything more.

I hope you liked that quote, and again, I really recommend you reading that book, it is one of the most deep and emotional books I have ever read.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment about your thoughts and any suggestions you would like to make.



  1. First, I like that you quoted from Les Mis! It's one of my favourite shows and I am attempting to read the book this year (Kudos to you for finishing it! It's HUGE!)

    And I think your perspective on joy is right, sadly. I've noticed that it was much easier to be joyful about things as a child than it is now that I am a teenager. I guess there are more things about getting older that are better though. I know in the long run that I wouldn't want to be a kid forever, despite the joys of it all. And God will provide joy when we ask Him and are ready to accept it. It's still tough though.


  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I sometimes really miss my really young days. It seems as you get older, the more things get crowded in your life that it feels like you have no freedom at all anymore!

    But, I always manage to enjoy life mostly, so I should be glad of that.

  3. My 84 year old mother (I'm 42) has spoken before of reading this book when she was in school and how good it was. The fact that you bring it up now and have provided that beautiful quote makes me think I might just try reading it after all. Thank you for this post.