Thursday, 3 March 2011

I won the award again!

Hello everyone,

I have again won the "Versatile blogger award", thanks to Carmen, of Last time I won this award, I did not send it off to others as I should have, but this time, I have seen enough good blogs to share this award with. But first, I need to say 7 things about myself. This is a good time to get to know the tree!!

  1. I love making songs, but can never write lyrics. I hope to write a song about a tree by the river soon.
  2. I write my blog in a special place reserved for writing, and I like being stinking hot while I write it... Somehow makes me get my  ideas out better
  3. I am very forgetful, so sometimes I have a great post idea in my head, but it never reaches the computer.
  4. I love my readers, and commenters very much! Without you, I would have stopped blogging ages ago. Thank you!
  5. I am very awkward about my blog to my friends. It feels weird for them to read something I wrote, as though it is important stuff! (It is on the internet, it must be important!)
  6. I actually made a website first, and then made a blog to support it,  but now the website has not been updated for months, and this blog is more important.
  7. I kept. changing my blog theme. From "Talking about the untalked things" to "Deep, thoughtful, encouraging, fun", and then finally "Living as a tree with God at my side". I appreciate feedback on anything you might want me to change.
Now, I have to award this blog to seven other people, so here goes.

  1. Stephanie at Diary of a creative teen
  2. Biohazard at My confusion theory
  3. CityGirlChic at Live, Love, Laugh
  4. Ella at Single Parent Faith
  5. Thom at To Gyre and Gambol
  6. Taylor at Penned By Taylor
  7. Vic, Lindsay, and Ashley at For The Love Of Blogs
These are very good blogs in my opinion, so please go check them out!

To all those people above, the rules of the award are to say 7  things about yourself, and share the award with 7 other people. Share the love people!


  1. Thanks again. I'll begin working on my winner's "obligation."

  2. Wow, thank you! I keep getting this award, LOL! I think I owe something like 200 things about myself. :D
    Thank you! I will add your name to my list of people who awarded me. :) Keep bloggin'!

  3. Thank you Treebytheriver! I want to thank my acceptance speech. :) Pretty cool!

    I enjoyed reading the 7 things you shared about you. I can definitely relate to #7....I too feel like my blog will metamorphosize over time. I haven't quite found my niche. Since I don't just blog about being a single parent. I think it's about being multi-dimensional. We have a variety of facets to ourselves and our lives.

    I also relate to #5! Yipes do I ever. It feels awkward to tell people I know about my blog. Almost as if it will stifle some things I would share. Also wouldn't want work people to know about my blog. Way too awkward.

  4. Thank you!! i have never gotten the award before!:)

  5. First of all, CONGRATS on your FTLOB feature!!! Loved your interview; it was amazing!

    Second, it appears that you and I have the OPPOSITE problem: You create songs without the lyrics and I write lyrics without the music. Currently, I'm considering singing the lyrics into a recorder and having them copyrighted that way so that listeners will at least know how they're supposed to sound... even if my singing is horrible with a capital H.

    Again, CONGRATS!!!