Sunday, 13 March 2011

Controlled by what?

As I was sleepily writing this post as I was about to go to bed, it seemed I was controlled by sleepiness. I couldn't think properly, couldn't listen, became grumpy, and just wanted to go to my room and go to sleep. It felt like my longing for sleep was controlling most of my actions. This made me think, what other things am I controlled by?

It is interesting to see people try and break free of all control. They rebel against authority, they rebel against their parents, they rebel against the warning signs of their own body even! Interestingly enough though, they still manage to be controlled by something or another. Such as a person who gets drunk. They rebel against life by being in such a stupor they cannot understand anything going on, but they now are controlled by the numbing effects of alcohol, which might seem a better alternative than life, until they wake up with a splitting headache and feel sick.

A human that rejects all control probably has no brain! Simply put, our brain controls our muscles, so they would not be able to move, breathe, or beat their heart. They would die in a few seconds, and then they would be controlled by death! Running away from one just leads to another! But not just physically, we are always controlled. Emotions influence our thoughts, society leaves it's mark on our decisions, and sin creeps up on us, so that we end up having a tiny say in what we do, with usually other things governing our actions. 

However, usually when we are controlled, we benefit from the control too. A leader builds up his country, benefiting it, our brain coordinates out body, so we can grow, repair and live. What I am saying is, what about society and sin? Do these benefit us in anyway?

Many people complain about the society we live in, some people even choosing to leave it completely through suicide, rather than trying to stand the pain of living. Sin is also a big destructive force. All too often after a big fight or argument, we end up feeling worse about ourselves, even if we maybe won the argument.

How can we stop sin from creeping up to us though? How do we stop ourselves from snapping at every wrong someone does to us, or being selfish, or being unforgiving. How do we run away from this control that doesn't benefit us at all? The only thing that works is to find an alternative form of control. That is God.

Many people say they do not want to be controlled by God, but if they aren't, they are controlled by sin instead! If I were to choose, I would definitely choose God for sure.


  1. Yeah, many people feel they are not free and just hearing people say "Surrender your will to God." "Give God the wheel of your life" make them "sick". They feel they are guarded and are in prison. But God is not like that. He is gentle and gives us free will...

  2. I think this is an interesting insight you offer here. Great job with your many examples where we as humans deal with "control." I agree with "todrawneargod" 's post, that God granting us free will, is so that we do not feel controlled by Him, but rather choose Him. I think that's where you are coming from with your conclusion. That you are choosing Him. Once we choose Him, He works His love from the inside out of us, and we will desire to make choices that are loving. Loving toward ourselves (as in not allowing in the alcohol, drugs, etc) and loving toward others (patience, kindness, etc).

  3. We do not want to relinquish our imaginary control because of our pride. If we cannot add to our stature or robe ourselves like the lillies of the field how much control do we have anyway...God is sovereign and HE will order our steps

  4. Great post and a beautiful blog. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! Be blessed today :)

  5. Lovely blog - I'm hopping over from FTLOB. And yes, I would have taken you for a lot older than a teenager. If all teenagers could be as mature and insightful as you, it would be a much better world! Best wishes to you.

  6. Headed right here from FTLOB and am so impressed with your writings.

    Each of us may hold God in different ways but, from where I sit, holding Him in our own special way is so much better than ignoring His existence in our lives.

    Hugs and Blessings,


  7. We are all controlled by something. The people who say they choose freedom instead of God are actually slaves to sin. I want God to be in control. Great post!

  8. Great post today!God controls us in allowing us to make choices that guide us towards following him.

  9. God is definitely more capable of controlling our lives for good than we are. Sin will most definitely rule if we don't allow him total control!