Saturday, 12 February 2011

Back to the roots...

Today's post will be me going back to the roots... Things that sustain me, things that never begin to bore even after most worldly things have broken, or lost its value, things I might take for granted sometimes, but I rely on as I stumble in the darkness. Things that God has given me, that he knows I need, better than any marketer, or sales person in the world.

1. Rain
I love the sound of rain. The pitter patter of rain falling on grass, the soft smell of nature wafting to your nose, and the clean natural air cooling your tongue. To me, rain is one of the best gifts of nature that still can be felt anywhere in the world. Many times a month I hate the buckets of water falling over my head as I walk to and fro outside, but even with the hate, I always get to the stage where I am glad that it rains.

2. Fire
Looking into the depths of a simple fire as often intrigued me for ages. I love the way the fire moves with the wind, giving light into any darkness. The wood seems to be breathing, as it changes colour every few seconds. Fire is a puzzle that I will never figure out, but will keep me interested for ages.

3. Grass
I know this might not seem like a stimulating thing to look at, but when I lie down on my lawn and just look into the forest of grass, there is so much more than first impressions. Flowers grow in unexpected places, making a smile on my face; ants scuttle doing their work, making me feel encouraged to work harder; and finally just the intense depth of roots and earth, where tiny organisms sustain the things that can be seen. It is just amazing seeing a tiny ecosystem just in a small patch of grass.

Three things that keep me occupied after all other toys, games, and technology go out of fashion. I can just imagine me being a grandfather, still taking delight in the small things in nature, even just the rain, fire, and grass.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please comment about anything you want, and tell me how you felt reading my posts. I hope that you were encouraged by the simple thoughts I have on life. I hope that you keep reading, and that you will be joyful in your life.



  1. Bobodo, its always nice to read your blog. Your perspective of finding joy in the simple things of life is very calming and refreshing. Do continue to share your thoughts with the world.

  2. Thanks for the comment Just!

    I will try and continue my blog, and I hope that you can continue to have fun reading it!