Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sadness only lasts for a week

Today's post might be a little controversial, but I am going to talk about sadness. What I want to say is that, sadness only really lasts for less than a week. Please read on, and comment if you have any objections to what I say.

I thought about this topic, because yesterday for me was quite distressing. I felt sad, and just wanted to disappear from this world. It felt like I had a huge weight on my shoulders, and it was pushing me down into the ground. I couldn't look up and see anything good in the world anymore. However, when I woke up after a good night's sleep, everything seemed ok again. I was still sad a little bit, but not in despair, and I could see the good things in life again.

Some people might think that my day must not have been that bad, or I wouldn't have had a good night's sleep! But even the people with really bad days, like someone who found out a family member had died, or someone with depression, I think can still see the good things in life after a while. I am not saying that people like that will not be in grief of their loss after only one week, but I think they can still smile when they see some of the good things in life, not totally rejecting them.

Some things I think could bring someone to smile even if they were in grief are such things as the beauty of nature, the strength of some of their friendships, and most importantly, the love and care of God. Even though they might be in despair, these things give them hope, and can make them look forward to the better future.

As I thought about trying to get some hope in a time of despair, I came up with the idea of setting up a page with photos that give hope, or encouragement. I hope that they might encourage you whenever you are in the dumps, and you can be hopeful about the future, where you will get better. Here is a photo, just to show you what it will be like.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope that you were encouraged to think about sadness and depression. Please comment if you liked it, or not, so I know who I am writing to!



  1. Yes Bobodo, we do bounce back from depression. Life has a force that makes us go on. And while we do, its better not to dwell on the past too much, but enjoy and cherish every moment, NOW.

  2. I think that for some people, there is no choice whether they are sad or not. For instance, I've never been clinically diagnosed with depression, but there are days where I feel I don't want to exist (like, irrationally so). My husband doesn't understand why I would feel this way seeing as how no one died (or whatever), and I can't either, except to say it must a chemical imbalance (which is what feelings are, when it comes down to it...just chemicals and electrical signals). So, while I agree SOME people might be able to "get over it," as it were, others simply have no choice, no matter how many happy thoughts they can muster. Their bodies simply won't let them.

  3. Some people don't have any relationships, don't believe in god, and can only see the ugly side of nature. I know that, for me, sadness can last MUCH longer than a week. Years. It's good that you believe that a week for you is the max. For many, a week of happiness is unachievable, but years of sadness are not.

  4. Still, even for someone in depression, can a week only be filled with sad thoughts? Even though they might have ongoing grief, once in a while, they must have a happy thought.

    I might be mistaken about people with depression, but to me, they still have a tiny bit of hope left in them.

  5. sadness and depression are completely different things ... i like your thoughts on encouragement, but if you want to delve further into the real thing, i'm free for questions anytime ... hope is mountains away when you're in depression, unfortunately

  6. You can't really understand depression until you have seriously contemplated deep-throating a Colt 45. When you are fighting the black dog, cheery motivational pictures just don't cut it. But life goes on (unless you decided that Colt 45 is a good idea) and life has to be lived. It can take weeks or months for a really depressed person to accept that sometimes and get back into the world and deal with all the stuff they've been avoiding. I can't explain it well but sadness passes, yes. But when it doesn't pass, that's when depression may be the problem.
    Sorry to be a downer on your blog but you did ask for feedback.

  7. This was a great post! When I'm upset or having a bad day, I keep reminding myself of the things God has given me it really helps and like you said a little rest can work wonders! I think that's a huge help for any kind of sadness.

    Thanks for this!

  8. Thanks for all your comments!
    It's ok Ian, since I actually have never really had "real depression" before, I won't know what it feels like.

  9. I was once in love with a man who then later committed suicide. I will never know the depths of his depression, like Ian's comment, he decided to exit that way. Though I was in deep grief, and now some 11 yrs later don't think of him every day, I am still forever touched by the life of one who couldn't shake his sadness. Like your other commenters, I also believe there is a difference between sadness and clinical depression. I believe those with actual depression, cannot alter their state as quickly as those of us who can with pictures or self-soothing reminders of our blessings. I wish the man I loved had sought help, but he chose not to.

    Treebytheriver- Please go forward with your idea and post inspiring pictures. I will look forward to them! We have too many negative ugly images on the news and such. We need more opportunities to celebrate the beauty that exists in the simple and complex universe that we live in. Pictures remind us of some of these beautiful mysteries.

  10. Very good post! I found your site through FTLOB. I think there is a case for both sides. Sometimes depression can get real deep and dark so everything becomes very clouded and you don't see the good. On the other side of it I think sometimes you are able to see through the sadness and be happy!I'm really like your site. Looking forward to returning often.

  11. I'm sorry to hear that ella, I am glad that you got through such a stressful time.

    Thank you for your comments everyone! I hope that you can continue to read and enjoy my blog!

  12. Good thoughts. Resilience is such an important quality to have, and it always helps to focus on what we have rather than what we have lost.