Saturday, 5 February 2011

What a tree thinks

As you should already know, I was named after a tree. As I was thinking about what I should write about, I day dreamed on the question, "If I was a tree, what would I be thinking?" These are some of the thoughts that I came up with.

In most books were trees can talk, they are portrayed as wise, calm, old, and slow to speak. So going from that point of view, I probably would be thinking not about petty human things, but just growing I guess... Every year, I would have come up with one thing worthwhile saying, said it, then gone back into the watching of the world. As a tree I would probably learn lots just from looking and listening, without having that much need to saying anything.

But, what would that once-a-year thought be? I just took a deep breath, so that counts as a year in my busy life time, and the super deep, profound, and wise thought I came up with was ...

"I am incompetent..."

In the end, as a human, I know that I will never be like that tree I was named after. I do get involved in petty human things, and all too often they take over my life! Nearly everyday, I seem to waste my day, and at the end of it I think, "That was pointless...!" The worst thing is, every time I try and fix myself up, I never can. In the end, my only worthwhile thought is "I am incompetent..."

But what about the river? Without the river, the tree will get withered, it will lose its majesticness, and fall into ruin, becoming a dead log. So, it isn't the tree after all. It is the river that supports it. If the river goes, the tree goes with it.

And what is the river in my life? You might be able to guess from my other posts. He made me with his own hands, he always is there for me even though I reject him so many times, and he doesn't care how incompetent I am, he is supporting me throughout my life. God.

So even though I will never be that tree with my own strength, with God's power, he will grow me up taller and taller, and keep me from falling.

Thanks for reading my blog! Please comment about what you think, and I hope that you can find God in your life, and reach out to him for the stability you need!


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