Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pause for a moment

You probably are rushing while you read this. I am rushing while I am writing this! I have so many things to do, to write, deadlines to meet, events to plan, that I just have to rush! But is that true?

When we rush, what are we rushing for? What are we going to do with the few extra seconds the speed of our actions will acquire? I walk fast to my destination, and end up waiting longer because I was early. I rush through writing a post, and just waste the time watching TV.

When I am rushing, my mind blocks all thoughts that are coming through my head. I just mindlessly complete the task set before me, be it walking faster, or thinking more. This is where it gets sad. The mind virtually turns off to any outside source of information. So when we rush, we won't notice any hidden beauty while we walk, or miss an idea that is trying to get through to our brain.

Is the extra seconds or minutes, really worth turning yourself off from the world? Rushing may get you from A to B faster, but just remember what you're missing out on. God created the world so we could enjoy it. Why would we want to miss out on that?


  1. Absolutely! I read somewhere once, we wouldn't go into the Doctors and reel off our symptoms and then say "bye, gotta go", we would await his response and advice.

    It's the same with time with God, if we go to him, we should also take the time to await his response.

  2. That is a really good analogy T.C. Thanks for sharing it.

    You challenged me there quite a bit, so thank you!

  3. No problem Leafy, please stop by my blog and maybe we can challange and encourage each other!

  4. Those thought are so true and I am going to stop rushing and ponder on that. I do think we are all too busy and miss some of the finer moments of life. We should all slow down and enjoy the moments!
    Blessings to you!

  5. Thanks for this. A timely reminder! Somebody told me once that the harried hurrying of modern life is of the enemy... Makes sense!

  6. So true! Haha, I loved your post...and your blog!!! I loved the blog title and its pictures:)