Saturday, 20 August 2011

A year of blogging

A new post,
A new week,
A new mind,
A chance to speak.

Something I made up just then, to express what I was thinking.

It is nearly a year since I started blogging, I am amazed at how much I have grown.

As a tree I am just about to put on one more ring of experience. Through the "winter of writer's block" where every word that I wrote seemed pointless, to the "summer of songs" where I just wanted to pour every thought into a post, I have struggled through. Through your comments I understand that I do sometimes bear fruit, sometimes encourage, sometimes say the right things at the right times, which I am really grateful of. As a tree, God is my water source, but your comments are like my fertiliser, without you I would not be as strong as I am.

As a human I am confounded. I do not understand how my words could mean so much to people. Over 100 people now are reading what I write, which is just indescribable! From the young one who "wanted to be like Peter" in the first post, to the person I am now, seeing how I have changed is very thought-provoking. As a human, I seek to keep on writing what I want to write, with the main purpose being to glorify God, who is my creator.

As a Christian I am grateful. I understand that it is God who has given me this blessing. I am humbled, looking to God for my inspiration. Reading through my posts, I see how he has held onto me all the time, shaping me into who he wants me to be. As a Christian, I will let God continue to do his work in me, leaving it up to the one who [as I seem to say all too often] "knows best".


  1. Congratulations (:

  2. You are living up to your name. I prayed that you would be the man like in Psalm 1 when you were born, and you are living up to that.

  3. Great post! Believe me you are doing a great job and God is very happy with the person who you have become!

  4. Great post. I to am a blogger, I often wonder if people are enjoying what I have to say. I assure you though, that you write very poetically. God Bless.

  5. Nice to see you made it a year. I still love your blog :)

    -The Anonymous Teenage Blogger