Sunday, 30 October 2011

Let yourself free!

The self help genre has increased tremendously in the past few years. "Live better", "Take control of your life" "Become the person you want to!" All these slogans I always pass off as a money making venture. I've got God thanks. I am already joyful to the max, because of what is to come in heaven.

A lot of people are turned off Christianity because they think it ruins all their prospects of having fun in this world. No getting drunk? Come on! Not allowed to crack crude jokes? But then I miss out! All the things 'normal' people would do seemed out of bounds to Christians. This is true for some things, such as getting drunk and being disrespectful, but I started putting many more activities in the "Not allowed to do as a Christian" basket, when really it should be enjoyed. This fault of mine came to my attention one afternoon with my sister.

In our front garden, visible to about 4 houses, my sister forced me to dance. Putting some music on, I just wanted to listen, but she took me out of my shell. At first it was just flinging my arms around with the music, but as I gradually began to leave my embarrassment aside, I took risks. Someone maybe could have said, "You look stupid!" but no one did. My sister encouraged me all the way, and after 5 minutes the song stopped but I felt great!

Image from Costi

I put "making a fool of myself", such as through letting myself go in music, in the "not allowed" basket. Other things I made myself think were not allowed as a Christian were enjoying non-christian hang outs, like youth centres; going to concerts where stupid things could happen, and having good friendships with people from the opposite gender.

My mind had automatically assumed the worst of these situations, such as me taking drugs, or me becoming impure in my actions, and so I rejected them completely. When essentially they are God given gifts we are meant to enjoy.

God set me free not so that I could wrap myself in my own little rules for life, but so I could enjoy life to the full. Love God and love one another, are the two rules I need to live by, without adding anything else.


  1. Great post today! Life is to be enjoyed. Love God and Love One Another that is so true.
    Blessings to you and keep on enjoying the moments!

  2. i love this story! god has given us so many good gifts and we can enjoy them all, so matter how silly we feel dancing in our front yards! a very valuable life lesson for everyone!