Sunday, 4 March 2012

Butterflies and more butterflies

Isn't it interesting that once you notice something, from then on you always seem to notice that thing where ever you go?

An example from me. The other day I was walking somewhere and a butterfly flew past my vision. It's orange and black wings caught my attention and I was forced to stop as it danced around me for some time. It surprised me a little because I hadn't seen (or noticed) a butterfly for a long time. It put a smile on my face, and I continued on.

From that day however, I have not stopped noticing butterflies everywhere. I saw two dancing together in the background as I had a conversation, found one sucking a flower with its straw like mouth, and discovered the "annoying insects" that flew in a group were just a group of butterflies. All of these findings kept reminding me of spring and the care free life that butterflies have.

It seems it applies to Gospel truths too. I often hear a sermon or read a bible passage that really challenges me, or reminds me to do something, and then throughout the week I am hit with opportunities to put what I learnt into practice, or to share what I learnt with others. For example I was reminded the other day that I should love the whole world (I posted about it here). The next day I stumbled across a website asking people to do a food drive in their neighborhood, which I am now organising; and I had the chance to give advice to a friend who didn't know who to love and who not to love.

It was great! It feels like God knows exactly what needs to be done to get something stuck in our brain. It is repetition, repetition, and more repetition! Hopefully, you feel the same way, and I pray that you will let God teach you something this week.


  1. As with all your posts I really appreciate your humble,honest easygoing conversational approach even as you speak about deep truths regarding what God is up to in your life!! Thank you so much for sharing, I've loved reading these and feel 'well':) encouraged by your stories and words:) -This one in particular speaks to me as God frequently seems to use this method with me and especially regarding butterflies!

  2. I feel really bad but I do have to tell you, I did not take this photo myself.
    Maybe because I kid myself that I do not have time, I have stopped taking photos for a while.
    From now I promise if I want a photo, I will take it myself.

    p.s. I got the image from
    although, I am sure they had taken it from somewhere else, as a quick google image search shows...