Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Letter

Dear Reader,

Merry Christmas!

How time flies so quickly! It's been over a month since we've last talked; I must admit, life overtook my desire to blog the last couple of weeks. But I miss talking to you, I miss sharing my thoughts, I miss being encouraged by your comments.

I'm writing this with one hand at the moment, because my left hand is a bit out of action. A broken Metacarpal (the thumb bone) means a cast for 6 weeks, all through my precious holidays! God is teaching me patience, dependance on him, and a whole lot more, as I have suddenly got a whole lot more time to spend with him, reading his word and praying.

It is also really annoying though. I planned to have a massive "holiday cleaning" of my room, do lots of study, write a lot, read a lot. Now knowing it will take 2 -3 times longer than usual, I just don't want to do anything! Just sleep and watch movies. 

It's still early stages in recovery (I broke the bone two days ago) so I know there will be even more negatives to come!

I just want to cry!

But then I laugh. Because in all things God is good, he gives me good things, and he teaches me good things.

So Merry Christmas whatever your circumstances. Remember with me that it is a time where we celebrate God initiating his amazing salvation plan that we needed so much!

In Christ,

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