Friday, 5 December 2014

An update & A poem

368 days ago, I wrote a post called "The little blog that could" which had a little poem and then an update. It turned out to become more like "The little blog that didn't", which I am a bit sad about, but also happy, as it shows how many new things I have thrown myself into that has taken up my time.

Anyway, the updates are almost exactly the same. I am going on NTE again, (hopefully this time I will write a post about it!), going on a road trip with friends, uni was some study + lots of fun, and yatter yatter yatter.

I wrote this poem because I had time on the train. I realised I do best when I don't try and be abstract but just tell it how it is. So this is my introduction to you.

An Introduction

I'm a tree by the river
Sustained by the giver
Of all things, and who brings
Life to the withered.

I'm a missionary liver
The gospel I deliver
To all things and who sings
Of Christ the redeemer.

I'm an alien and a foreigner
Don't belong in Australia
In all things and who clings
To the sure heaven future

I'm a son and a brother,
With a loving heavenly father
Through all things, He's the king
There is no other

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