Monday, 4 May 2015

Ten Minute Poem

Ten minutes to write this so I type.
Trying to find out about the hype.
These letters seem to be too trite.
To explain the one who is the light.

Ten minutes is too short, too long.
I've started thinking and don't belong
In the realm of short tweets or FB posts.
I'm talking about the Lord of Hosts!

Ten minutes, my average quiet time.
Wake up, read bible, feel sublime.
Pray for a second, but don't want seconds
My ten minutes with God has ended.

Ten minutes, compared with eternity,
It's nothing. I'm too stuck in Modernity.
Where what is seen is more important.
Machines and technology are what's exhorted.

Ten minutes, help me God for the next few.
To give you praise and serve only you.
Flee from temptation, do evangelism.
Set me afire to your fanaticism!

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  1. Love it! You should check out my blog :)
    God bless x