Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My first post!

Thanks for reading my blog.

I started a blog before once, but it didn't feel like I was saying what I wanted to say, it was more just to please any readers i had, but this blog is different. I hope I can write my ideas or thoughts without hesitation. 

I was looking at my student bible, and there was an article about how much Peter changed to actually fit the nickname Jesus gave him. The rock. At the end of it said to think about what nickname you might have. I started wondering what I am am good at, and how it would be fit for God's service. It felt like other people were better in any skill that I thought I could do. I play guitar, but my friend can "really" play guitar. He is so good! I speak Japanese and English. I know someone who speaks Japanese, English, and German! All fluently! I felt so down hearted to think I wasn't actually good at anything...

It was interesting because after awhile I thought about my own name. My parents named me after a tree, from Psalm 1. A tree that has firm roots in the living water of God's word. It felt like that was a perfect nickname for me, even though it was my real name. I hope I do stay strong in God's word, and depend on him entirely through my life. In the end however bad I think I am, God loves me, and that is what is the best thing.

This blog was meant for me to express what was on my mind, so that others could think about them too. Thanks again for reading!

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