Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Talking about the untalked things...

I described to someone what my blog was about, and I said that it was "saying stuff that you usually wouldn't say in a conversation because it is either too long, too deep, or just off topic". Although when I started this blog I didn't really have a clue about what my blog should be about, except for it to be something that I could share my thoughts in. Now that I can define the contents of my blog, it feels like I am one step further to actually writing something interesting!

One thing that annoys me but which I never get to talk about is the meaningless worksheets that make you do hard choices. Remember? The one that said you where stranded on a sinking boat and only could take 5 people out of 20 people on the lifeboat. The 20 people usually consisted of a baby, disabled person, old person, and other people you didn't really want to leave to die, and yourself.

What I hate about this is first, the exercise itself. There is about 1 in a million chance I will be on a sinking ship, that only has enough space in the lifeboat for 5 people, and then probably we will all go on it anyway, because we all won't die. Just imagine 20 people quietly sitting on a sinking boat, about to go underwater any minute, and discussing quietly why we think each of us should survive. It's crazy!

Secondly is the concept of the exercise. The only thing I got out of that, was that everyone is selfish, because we all chose ourselves. What else did we learn? Nothing, it was pointless.

I still don't get why they do such stupid exercises. I hope I can ask the guy who invented it, why he thought it would be useful...

One thing for me that was good from doing the sheets was that it reminded me that I was on a sinking ship. This world is sinking, it will not last. Unless we get on a lifeboat we will not survive. Luckily, there is enough space for everybody. We just have to acknowledge that we need help, not to struggle under the powerful hands of the one who will save us, and let him take us away from the sinking ship.

I'll bet you that isn't something that you would hear in a conversation! Anyway, I am glad i can share my thoughts with you.

Thanks for reading my blog! treebytheriver


  1. i agree with you, there is no use for such exercises in the world. just like in real life, no one would actually 'walk silently in a line and leave all possessions behind' when there's a real fire in school. =p

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  3. Enjoyed the post. Psalm 1 is a favorite of mine. Lost the first comment I tried to leave...sorry.