Sunday, 19 December 2010

Writers Block - Oh No! Or is it...

I can't think of a topic to write about, that is long enough to be good, and deep enough to gratify my readers. The past hour I have been writing stuff, deleting it, and starting over again!

To give you an update, I will provide you things I have been thinking about, but in short summaries, and I might write more about them later.

Memories - The amazingness of the brain
I love my memories! They define who I am, and make me unique. The brain seems to be an impossible machine, that humans could never figure out. Whenever we have a breakthrough, more questions arise, and we go around in circles! Humans don't seem to understand half of what goes inside in their bodies, so I am glad that we have a creator who does know what is happening. Even though we know almost nothing a group of scientists are planning to use a memory eraser they invented to erase memories such as rape, or a witness of a murder. I hope I can share my thoughts on that some time soon, but I can't seem to gather my words properly. The only thing I will say is that I think it will be a disaster.

The deception in conversation
I love a good conversation with someone. But sometimes I feel like we are both hiding behind a barrier of lies. We will justify this barrier as for safety, so we don't get hurt incase the other person might think our ideas are stupid. We might also justify it as for the other persons sake. We don't want to burden them with our boring lectures on what we think about life. But, with this barrier, we are losing things as well. We can't identify the persons thoughts fully in the mist of lies, so we give up on trying to understand, which then leads us not being able to give encouragement to the person, which they might have really needed. I hope to also write more about this, but once I gather my thoughts more.

Men don't cry, and other things
I wish sometimes, I could just become so caught up in emotion that I would burst out in sobs, at a farewell, or a emotional moment, like after a amazing confession of faith, or a talk. But, this never seems to be the case. I blame society for this, because my mind has been so caught up in the "Men don't cry" slogan, that my mind keeps stopping me to do what I really want. It might be my fault though, because I let the society get in the way. I should just have a "I don't care what other people think, it doesn't matter" mindset. (Just to tell you, I have this mindset for fashion, and my talents, which is really good). I want to post this when I actually learn how to really ignore societies views. Then i might be able to tell you more.

I hope you liked my summaries. Follow my blog if you want to hear more, and I hope you enjoy!

Plus, if you have any ideas that you want my thoughts on, please comment, and I will gladly answer any of your questions.

Thanks for reading!


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