Monday, 18 July 2011

Delving into the mirror

Mirrors are where people release themselves. Looking at their reflection, experimenting what their face looks like with different emotions, staring at the eyes that stare back as strongly, you gain insight into who you truly are. It is easy enough to deceive the world, and ourselves, but if we look into a mirror long enough, our true emotions will probably surface.

That might be a little far fetched, but for me, looking into a mirror is so calming, and helps me understand my thoughts more clearly. As I delve deeper and deeper into the hazy depths of my eyes, it feels like I delve deeper and deeper into my self.

The mirror is the place where change is discovered. My eyes look more tired, my hair is getting long, I am getting stronger. Although change can be measured through height, weight, in units, for me, it never quite clicks until I look myself in the mirror, and see it for myself. It always surprises me how much I have changed. It is a scary thought, but also comforting.

I have become more stressed, as the dark rims under my eyes show. My eyes seem to be more assertive, more observant, more thoughtful. A faint beard reminds me that I am getting older, (although I definitely do not have any grey hairs yet!) and my lips have become tighter. As I wonder what events brought about the change in my face, it gives me comfort that I got through them, with the help of God. Looking forward to the future, it gives me courage that God will lead me through the trials, like he has done before.

The change I saw in the mirror, however, did not come suddenly. My eyes gradually became darker and darker, and my beard inch by inch became more and more visible. Change is gradual. Not just with body parts though. Spiritually, we grow closer to God through small steps, looking back and seeing the sins and trials God has helped us overcome.

The future holds many things that will change us spiritually and physically, but looking how God has brought me this far, trusting him for the next part seems the best thing to do. Next time I look into a mirror, I hope I can see me even closer to God, as he guides me along his path.


  1. I enjoyed your thoughts on looking into the mirror. It gave me some thoughs to ponder and was very enlightening.
    Blessings to you!

  2. the mirror certainly is a revealing place to be. i love how god grows us and we can't even see until we take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. definitely some food for thought.

    love jordan xx