Sunday, 31 July 2011

Singing with others

An out of tune guitar plays joyfully with the piano, while the singers just try and sing as loud as they can to block out the noise. A lone pianist plays four instruments at once in their imagination, trying to get the congregation to sing with more joy. People clap joyfully and sing a cappella because they can't afford any instruments.

Singing in church today wasn't the greatest thing I ever heard, nor was it that "spiritual" where I felt like God was right in front of me. It was just the same old singing songs to God and Jesus. It was good for me to be reminded by the words of what God has done for me, but I get reminded of that every week.

But, something special happened to me today. For the first time I understood that I wasn't singing alone, or just for the people around me to hear. I was joining in with millions of others, all singing praises to our awesome God. I could imagine everyone in different circumstances, in different languages, different instruments, all singing their hearts out. The persecuted, who continue to sing in severe trials and suffering, and the lonely, who feel like no one cares if they sing or not. Even the angles singing praises to God in heaven.

That really amazed me a bit. Actually, it just blew my mind away!

Worship through song to God became more than just something I had to do, but something I wanted to do. Something that meant the world to me. Imagine not being able to sing. That makes you appreciate worship much more. We can tell God how great he is, (and he is very great)! We can sing to the creator of the universe, that just is indescribably amazing!

Finally, to end my babble about worship, we are joining with the people in the bible too, as they sing praises to God.

This bible verse puts it well "Let them praise your awesome and glorious name-- He is holy" Psalm 99:3

So next time you are in a church service or somewhere boring, remember that you are joining with every Christian, singing praises to the most high in the Universe, our God.


  1. Prior to being a parent, I often was self-conscious singing in church. embarrassed by my off key voice. Now, I sing as a model for my little ones, and thanks to you, joining in with all the others around the world singing too!

  2. "So next time you are in a church service or somewhere boring, remember that you are joining with every Christian"

    Love it! Really promoting the joining together of Christians there!

    Sorry, I do completely agree with your gist, we are all worshiping an awsome God!

  3. I loved the thought that there are millions or perhaps billions of people who worship God on Sundays and am sure they are singing their heart out in praises to our king.
    Thanks for the lovely thought.
    Blessings to you!

  4. totally weird, i had a very similar experience in church on sunday when i just stopped signing and realised that it wasn't about me, but rather about god and singing his glory, and that i wasn't alone but i was simply joining a chorus of voices from all around the world!
    god is just so huge, it's so exciting to realise his enormity!
    god bless!
    oliveanddaisy xx