Sunday, 11 September 2011

Friends and Aliens

A couple of friends and I formed a band, and we have been writing songs and playing for some time now, but not until yesterday did we finally decide on our band name. It took us so long to decide because we didn't want to get it wrong, we didn't want to regret anything. We wanted a name that would define what we were about, something we didn't have to hide from, a title that let us express ourselves as who we really were.

Many band names have come about in the matter of seconds, as my friends discussed over the "choosing period". One such band, chose their name while on a phone call to a prospective event organiser. They saw some mango nectar, and chose "The Nectars". As my friend remarked, lucky they did not become "The Mangoes"!

This doesn't really have anything to do with anyone, apart from the fact that we all want something that defines us. And we all find it in different ways, different places.

Some just don't bother finding a name, finding something that defines them. They are too lazy to figure out what they wanted to do with their life. However, this means at their shining moment, they fade away, are forgotten. I don't want you to be like these people who never truly consider why they are put on this earth, but just pass through, and in the end it is too late, they are forgotten, they have lived a life full of nothingness, a meaningless breath.

Then there are the people who choose their name in haste. Considering the importance, that it will define who they essentially are, choosing it in haste is not a good idea. It will crumble under pressure from all the struggles it has to put up with. Hold up for most of the time, and when it is needed most fail.

Finally, there is the ones who think carefully about their name, their meaning in their life. They discuss all the options, leaving no room for mistakes. Their name allows them not to hide anything, not to be ashamed of anything, it showcases who they really are.

God gives us this life as a blessing, and we shouldn't waste it. We need to stand up, as friends with God, aliens from the world, and live out our life, following God as he leads the way.


  1. Amen, to all of those thoughts. I recently read a book called; "Defined By Christ". I want to take his name upon me and always remember him. I want to live a Christ like life.
    Blessings and thank you for the thoughts today.

  2. My mom and dad decided to name me Hannah after hearing my uncle preach about Hannah from the Bible. I have always enjoyed reading about her and how much she loved God, how God blessed her with children when she couldn't have any, and how she gave up Samuel to the Temple. I always thought she was pretty cool. I'm thankful my mom put lots of though into my name :)