Saturday, 3 September 2011

A passionate tree

Today I heard someone say "It is such a beautiful day! Good job God!" and it stopped me in my tracks. I looked outside, to the sky, to the trees swaying with the wind, and noticed it was a good day. It was a day to be thankful for. It was a day where I could take a moment just to appreciate the fact that God had given me another good blessing in my life.

I was glad that someone made me noticed, because otherwise, it would have slipped away.

My title is "A passionate tree" because when I thought of the above, it caught my attention that my little acknowledgement of the beautiful day made life a little bit more fuller, more interesting. It could be said that it made me "Live life to the full" as Jesus wanted me to.

Many people think that passion is a feeling that naturally comes to you when what you are doing feels good. They aren't incorrect, but I think they have distorted a bit. I was challenged today that passion isn't just something natural, but something you can work for. You can make yourself passionate about something, even if at first it doesn't "click" with you.

Like my experience today, where I was jolted from my seat of dull living to a little more interesting life, I became passionate about appreciating God's gifts more.

A passionate tree never gets bored. In all it does, it exerts its best. It makes the dullest task an important mission, the most mundane life a life filled with blessings. It doesn't acquire any new items, it just learns to appreciate what it has, to live life properly, to the full.


  1. That was a lovely post. I was uplifted by your thoughts. I need to take the time to look around me for those happy moments.
    Blessing to you and keep on enjoying the moments!
    Living Waters by LeAnn