Sunday, 26 August 2012

Your time starts now

This isn't a timed post or anything (but I do want to go to sleep soon...), I just wanted to explore the conversation idea I latched on to my post last week.

Often my blog posts occur from conversations with myself, in my head. It might be a sign of craziness, but it gets me thinking from different viewpoints, smashing around different ideas in my head, tumbling them together until they form some sort of writable clump of information. Often theres a lot of ideas from the bible (from talks and such) that gets mixed in to the bundle which always gives my thoughts some direction on what's right and wrong.

This time, hopefully we can bring that fictional conversation from in my head into real life. Well, online is close enough to real life...

We'll have a bit from the bible to start us off, so God is the centre, and then feel free to comment your thoughts on the passage or any other ways God has made you think the past few weeks. It can be one line, or it could be an essay (maybe not...) but have a go. God is good, so I hope this discussion will work in the first place, and be encouraging to all those who participate.

Here we go!

"For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others." Romans 12:4-5

What are your thoughts? Please take a moment to share, and come back to see what others think!


  1. Rohan, just a thought...
    People always tell us to "spread the gospel" or to "witness to people" or any variant thereof.

    But this passage talks about members of a body having different functions, and so would this be the same for members in Christ?

    If this is so, wouldn't it mean that not all people should go out and spread the good news? I mean, what other "functions" in Christ would there be?

  2. It is my belief that we should spread the message of our Savior to the world, within our congregations and in our homes. In spreading this message I would say that service and love for others is prominent in the process.

  3. Thanks for starting the discussion Otto.
    I'm sure you'd agree with me in saying that if you have the holy spirit in your heart, and truly believe in Jesus people will notice. Well, they should notice anyway, so every Christian should be evangelising just by their life. You will be a "witness" of god's grace.
    But I do know people who are much better at evangelism than me, who can take 10 minutes and explain the gospel to strangers. (I wish I was like that!) So it goes both ways I'm sure.

    LeAnn, I like your answer, but which is more important do you think, the service & love, or the sharing the gospel?