Sunday, 19 August 2012

Give it a go.

Sorry for the lack of input from my side of the conversation this past month. Conversation? Well, I'm trying to make this blog more like a conversation, so if you comment, I'll try my best to respond so it isn't just me sharing my thoughts but everyone giving their two cents and learning from each other.

Anyway, today I thought I could share what I've been up to in the past few weeks.

Three weeks ago, I went on a massive camp with about 130 high schoolers from all over the state. It was my first time going to a non-Christian camp where no one knew I was a Christian. My sister challenged me to make Christ shine in my life so that by the end of the 4 days it would be obvious that I have Jesus in my life.

Sad to say, it didn't go that well to plan. I got so engrossed in the electives, the talks, the fun activities - which were all really good, but God was a no no - that I sort of kept Jesus hidden. Well, for me, it felt like I wasn't smothering him. When people asked why I had lived in Japan for 12 years, I did tell that my parents had been missionaries, but that was only when they asked. If God is meant to be a fire inside me, I was like a refrigerator, keeping the fire cool until someone opened the door.

The next week, I went on a ski trip. I went with a friend who had just recently became a Christian. With some long bus trips and being in the same cabin, I thought I would be courageous enough to talk more about what being a Christian is going to be like and encourage him. However, again, I got so caught up in the skiing that I left the more important things till last where tiredness defeated my will to talk.

Now, a week back into the normal scheme of things, I am still reminiscing the lost chances that I have squandered for my own pleasure instead. I could have started a bible study at the camp and invited people along. I could have read the bible together with my Christian friend. But I didn't.

I don't really have a real positive about this experience yet. It is another one of those situations where I keep getting back up and continuing to strive to be more like Jesus. And next time, hopefully I will just give it a go!


  1. I think we all have missed opportunities for talking more about our faith. I know I do. I think we sometimes just don't know how to start the beginning conversation. The fact that you want to show and tell people about Jesus is really good. Just keep working on it; in time you will have a good experiences.

    1. LeAnn you are right.
      I keep telling myself "What do I have to lose?" especially when it is literally a matter of life and death. But God is the one who changes people, and hopefully even my actions will shine God's presence in my life.

  2. Okay. So this may totally not be you, and I promise I'm not trying to offend you.
    I went through a phase of life like this. Where I hid Jesus. And, I discovered that it was because I didn't believe it for myself. I believed in Jesus because of my parents, and what they taught me. It's a wonderful process of discovery, actually asking yourself, "Why do I believe in Him?" I learned so much. Am learning so much.
    Thanks for your honesty. It's really lovely.

    1. Hello Aubrey,
      I hadn't thought of it that way before, and I like the way you say "am learning so much". I have made my faith in Jesus my own, but like you say we continue to learn more and more how great his love is, how great his power is, and how far his compassion reaches.
      Perhaps for me I haven't fully grasped God's greatness over every fear, but that might take a while!