Friday, 21 February 2014


If you have known me for awhile, you might have noticed that each year I have some favourite words that I like to use. Especially when it comes to describing my relationship with God, since He is so infinite and awesome I end up each year find new things I get fascinated about him.

For the last few months that word has been "glory". I guess it was sparked by a poster advertising an upcoming camp which described humans as "glorious dust". I was just so blown away how puny humans, my sinful self, my meaningless dustful existence becomes "glorious" because of God's grace.

With this word "glory" in my mind, I've begun to look at many things from a different angle. For instance, in December I went on Mission to Narribri (which I did not end up writing a summary as promised in my last post). There I was struck how a country church of farmers and what some people would class as second-rate citizens (although I am definitely not one of them, they are amazing people!) becomes a place filled with God's glory.

Sharing the good news becomes a glorious exercise, as my heart overflows with God's grace and bursts to share it with others. Singing Christmas carols becomes a chance to praise God's infinite glory. Kids church leading turns into an awe-inspiring task seeing little children understand God's glory. Even day to day life becomes a testament to God's glory that flows to me through what Jesus has done on the cross.

God's glory, his glorious presence, his glorious creation, his glorious salvation plan; all so graciously allowing humans to be a part of, so we can experience that glory too.

That's why glory is my favourite word right now.

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