Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekend Away

On an Autumn colour Friday evening, 
Our bible study weekend away convening

Lemon meringue pie for a birthday,
Cooked in community, shared with Christian family

Sand kicked up in a morning beach run,
Swimming in God's bath tub with the rising sun

French toast, man-cooked with apples and honey.
Yellowing our teeth, filling our tummy.

Shopping, sleep and ticket to ride,
Hanging our busy-soaked lives out to dry.

Pizza for dinner, it's a winner.
Chewy, a mix of flavours, like our group with different behaviours. 

Chinese Pictionary, our creativity spent
Albert weeing in Sarah's bed.

Eurovision, each act bringing more laughs, 
Waiting for Mauboy and the Aussie Galahs. 

Driving home, back into the world,
But our experiences we'll never forget, they were just swell!

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