Saturday, 25 June 2011

A day is worth 100 words

I recently sent a submission to someone else's blog, where the restrictions where to have a word limit of exactly 100, no more, no less. It was quite challenging, but I was pleased at what came out. You can check out what he manages to do in 100 words at his blog

Anyway, here goes the 100 words!

What is a word? Does it restrict, or set free someone’s mind? The less words the more imaginative; the less words the more confronting; the less words the more moving.

Maybe like Jazz? You need to be skilled to play badly. You need to be creative to write concisely. Somehow, popular culture is wrong. (Amazing!) Intelligence isn’t to write long, it is to write short, but still explaining the difficult.

Like the boy who had to write a 20-mark essay on courage. He just wrote “this” on a blank paper and handed it in, getting full marks. The real intelligence.

What did you think? Anyway, I love all your comments, and read each one carefully, and appreciate any thoughts you might have. You might even want to suggest something for me to talk about, because sometimes my own thoughts get very repetitive after a while.


p.s. I am still waiting on your "creative" things to hit my inbox, see my profile for my email, and I can't wait to see what you can come up with!


  1. I think it wold be a challenge for me to write a 100 word post. It sounds like a fun idea.
    I liked what you have written.
    I tend to be wordy; so I will ponder on this idea.
    Blessing to you!
    Living Waters by LeAnn

  2. This would definitely be a challenge, I am a rambler. You did a wonderful job, though. Very insightful!