Saturday, 11 June 2011

A spark of creativity

There are many things that separate humans from other creatures. One that I think is important is inspiration; creativity. The ability to create something with our emotions, to express what we are thinking.

Many people, me included, don't think they are creative, or inspirational at all. But if you look close enough, and think long enough, a small spark of creativeness will surely surge through your body. And even a small spark of creativity can unleash amazing things.

I recently made an artwork, which was not planned at all, came from me wanting to do something fun, and to me was a masterpiece. Many people rejected it as pointless, but it held a special place in my heart. Most people who think they are not creative probably thought so because others told them. But, if you like it, then that is something only you can understand, so don't care what others think!

Creativity, and inspiration, never really seem to have a point, especially when no one appreciates it. However, that is not the point if creativity. The point if creativity is really to glorify God, to let him appreciate your work. When we create something, anything, we are expressing what God made us to express. Love of him.

So why not try to be creative? Show God that the skills he has given you has been put to good use. And if you want, send it to me at bobodo77 (at) hotmail (dot) com. It can be anonymous, or anything, and anything I get with permission, will be put up on a page. So others can see your creativeness too.

Glorify God, use the gifts he has given you, because he loves you, and loves to see you shine.


  1. I like that you won't allow a nay-sayer's view of your creative work deter you from expressing it and enjoying it yourself! I believe when God inspires us to create, it puts us in touch with the freeing and joyous emotions we need to express. Also sorrow expressed throuh creativity, helps the process of healing.
    Great idea asking for submissions. Maybe I'll send you something if I remember :)

  2. What a lovely post. The thoughts are ones to ponder. Creativity is such a gift. If one isn't blessed with it one can learn to be more creative. I liked your idea to just go for it.
    Blessings to you!
    Living Waters by LeAnn @
    Google is not working so I am anonymous today!

  3. We are all creative in our own ways. I don't draw or paint but I cook and I write. We all tap into it in different ways.

    Enjoy your creativity.

    Happy Sunday,


  4. I can't describe what your comments mean to me. Thank you so much, and hope you continue to be encouraged!


  5. I think it's a great thing to do it, experience our creativity even a way others think we are not or won't be good at.
    We all have a talent and like you did, sometime it's by trying something different, by releasing the tension that our full potential comes to light.
    Love your post! A great reminder as well of the love of God for us all.

  6. Enjoyed reading your post - truly we are all creative - we were created in His image after all! And created to worship and glorify Him...good to be reminded that it isn't what people say that matters but glorifying Him any which way we can!