Monday, 14 November 2011

A family of hypocrites

They know you the best; what makes you tick and what gets you worked up; you can be yourself around them; and they give you a chance to rest from putting on that "I am all right" face in society. I am talking about your family.

Image from Hoefi

Thankfully, I was blessed with a family that tolerates me as who I am. I cannot fathom the difficulty if I had to act sociably acceptable everywhere. I often let myself go at home knowing that none of my family will judge me, that they will understand. It's a cruel wor
ld, with society assuming the worst with whatever action you take. A little tear becomes a nervous breakdown, a short comment to self perceived as the first sign of madness, and a louder than normal laugh is turned into a disgraceful act of losing control. At home, it is different. With years of experience in understanding just me, my family does not distort the information, but takes it as part of me. Everyone is unique, right?

I am aware that many families do not work this way. With child abuse and neglect, the family can seem the place where your life is most tested, instead of being a break. However, there is another family that we have. A family based on a perfect father, who loves his children dearly, never letting them out of his sight. It is the church family.

Many visitors to my church are surprised to see how informal and friendly everyone is. Compared to the media's presentation, the church does actually feel like a real family. People are supporting each other in trials, rejoicing together in joy, and sharing their lives together. Most importantly, they accept each others faults and personality traits, and work on them together.

As I once heard "The church isn't full of hypocrites, there's still room for more!". The church family is one that looks at each other and says, "We BOTH are sinful aren't we", and together seeks to bring Jesus closer into their lives.


  1. So true, and a gift to have a safe haven, called family- with all our warts and imperfections , still a place on earth to call home for a season. I knew a Pastor that said, "There are no perfect churches, and if you think there is, once you get there it won't be perfect anymore!" That so puts it in perspective! Grace, is our gift and key to seeing clearly...Have a great week! Dawn

  2. Thanks Dawn. I wanted to put something in there about the struggles churches face, like some being judgemental or unwelcoming, and how only the heavenly church is perfect. But it felt too long and it would have raised too many points...