Monday, 21 November 2011

Prone to Wander

I have been having some trouble thinking up new content for this blog. I don't want to talk about seemingly pointless things, but on the other hand, I don't want to come out and just preach all the time! Looking through my previous posts, they have really gone all over the place, and I still don't think I have found my own writing style yet. (Which I am kind of glad, imagine writing the same kind of stuff each week. Boring!)

I have come to the conclusion that for some time I will let my thoughts wander. Instead of forcing myself to maybe think about a certain topic or issue, my aim will be to improvise on the spot, with a blank page (or screen) in front of me. I hope that this gives a much needed fresh breath of originality to my blog, which to me seems to be getting a little too bland.

So I invite you on a journey into the unknown. Where curious metaphors and confusing analogies may lie, in the hope that I can edge a little more out of my shell.

I am always very thankful for your comments, and I hope you can continue to support (or disapprove) any of my humble writings.


  1. I often have something I think I want to write but then more often then not, am led into words I had not planned to write at all. Follow your passion, let it burn and just enjoy ... I just have to be who I am and you have to be who you are. It all comes out in the writing. There is so much more I could write ( in my blog) but I cannot contain my passion. Write your passion. In my humble opinion, that is...enjoy! Dawn

  2. Well said both of you. I also sometimes feel there is nothing I really want to write... So I don't! You don't want your blog to be mostly 'padding' - posts just for the sake of it. The joy and the delight is to just write what you want to and look back with satisfaction on your work. if there's big time gaps, so what? I also don't know where my blog is going and it has taken different paths along the way. I'm along for the ride, more than anything. Enjoy the journey!