Saturday, 26 November 2011

November Resolutions

I have three things I want to do by next years November. These could be seen as cliche, but since I am saying it in November, not on New Years Eve, it's a totally unique idea! Sometimes I feel like we put too much importance on the new year. Why not think of it as a new day. Every day is a good day to make a resolution. Anyway, here are my three.

1. Write a book
Someone encouraged me to do this, but my first thoughts were "I'm not passionate about anything enough to write a whole book about it!" She quickly replied, "Write about yourself!" Although it may seem arrogant (It probably is), I could probably fill a book with stuff about my self.

But who would want to read that? Again, my friend came to the rescue, "You can write a book only for yourself you know." So other people might love it or hate it, I will try and write a personal memoir by next year's November.

2. Write a song
I've done this before, but although some are catchy, and I often hear my family humming the tune (Only because I repeat it 100 times over!), looking at real song writers, my songs seem fake. This is because, none of my songs are personal. I feint being depressed or being thoughtful, it is just a persona. So by November next year, I hope to write at least one song which is based on me personally. Then, it can truly be, my own song.

3. I didn't actually have a third one, but 3 resolutions is the norm isn't it?
Maybe it can be to be more outgoing. My sister gave me good advice that being shy can be selfish. I fear being embarrassed so I wait until others talk to me. They probably feel the same way, but they have enough courage to walk across the room and say hello. So by November next year, any time I see someone new, I will try and be the one who starts the conversation.

What do you think? Apart from the third one, all of them are very "me-centred" aren't they. Still they aren't just things that are one off, so you can keep reminding me of my promises...
Now it's your turn. What are your November resolutions?


  1. I thought your goals were awesome. I think if you write a personal history; it would be awesome. My mother wrote her history and I was able to add pictures and etc. to it before she died and it is so wonderful to have it and I hear that even some of my grandchildren have been reading it. I loved to journal and would love to do a personal history too.
    Thanks for the thoughts and inspiration. Perhaps, I will set some goals before Jan. 1st.

  2. can't wait to read your memoirs :D

  3. You are right. Any day is a new day and one can make resolutions anytime. I love your resolutions, each of the three. Wish you best of luck with them.