Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dear God

You are love.
You are big, really big.
You know me; you know everything!
You are the creator of all things.

Thank you for nature.
The sky, trees, clouds, fire.
Thank you for relationships.
My family, friends, getting to know strangers.

You are forgiving.
You take it upon yourself to pay my debt.
You won't let me wallow in guilt.
You help me love you more.

Sorry for my thoughts, words, and actions.
When I know I'm doing wrong.
And when I don't even notice.
Sorry for not following you fully.

Thank you for freedom.
No more worries because of you.
Thank you for changing me.
I'd be stuck otherwise.

Please give me wisdom.
And strength and courage.
To be a better disciple.
Please keep me praying.

Help others too.
Friends and followers.
In their struggles or joys.
To hold fast to you.



  1. Amen. Very beautifully written.

  2. A very lovely post. Blessings to you!!

    1. I thank God for you LeAnn.
      You have been so much of an encouragement reading each of my posts and showing your support.