Sunday, 1 July 2012

I am not a scientist

In the hemisphere I live in, it is winter right now. 5 layers of clothing, slippers everywhere, the clouds of steam with every breath. What I especially love is curling up right near the fireplace. Not only is it warm, but to me watching fire is an amazing thing.

Orange tentacles push against the glass, ripples spread over the burning embers, and for me, it looks like the fire is breathing.

Now you can get all sciencey on me and say that fire is just heat, some fuel, and oxygen all combusting and creating a chemical reaction, which emits light and heat energy. I have been to school long enough to know that fire isn't a monster and that it isn't alive. But once in a while I let my imagination run wild.

The point of this story is to show why I don't want to be a scientist. I look at fire and I see an animal; I look at a tree and marvel at its beauty; I look at the sky and just let its size engulf me. I don't mind its origins, its inner working, and its purpose left unexplained.

I respect scientists, and I know that without some people looking deeper into nature many good things in this world wouldn't have been invented. And I am happy to admit I am not someone like that.

I am so glad God has created everyone unique, with different skills, different ideas, and different futures so we can share and learn from each other. What skills has God given you?


  1. I really enjoyed reading this one. I too am glad that our Heavenly Father created this beautiful world for us to enjoy and we don't need to know why. He created us and we don't need to know how. I know scientist do need to prove things and I am glad they do such great research; but like you I am contented to just enjoy it all. I am still trying to find my skills. I think I have some and would like to learn other ones. Blessings on this one!

  2. What you don't seem to get though is that science is beautiful. You look at a fire and see a beautiful creature. I look at a fire and marvel at how such a (relatively) simple process can create such beautiful scenery. The fact that everything is made up of tiny atoms, which in turn are even tinier protons, neutrons and electrons makes the whole thing even more incredible. Science is great, because not only can you look at something and marvel at its beauty, you can look at it and know why it has that beauty.

    1. An interesting prod.
      I totally agree that science can in itself be beautiful. I never meant that because I am not inclined as a sciencey type others can't enjoy science.
      Everyone has different talents; it seems yours is to use science to find out why flowers are flowers, or trees are trees. That's an amazing skill which I seem to be unable to do.