Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bored? Then read this...

I love the holidays. They give you time to relax and to not think about school or work for awhile.
But soon you get bored of sitting around doing nothing, and want some outing.
But, outings usually cost money, or you need to be organized, so they get annoying too.
I have tons of times when I just want to do something other than my computer, get up, and do something on my own, to get me out of my boredom.
Here are some suggestions.

- If you have time make a website, or a blog. Its fun!
- Climb up a tree! Look at the world. Scare your siblings when they go under you.
- Read books! They make you smarter, and get you out of boredom for a few hours!
- Write a long email to someone you haven't met in a while. Hope that they will write back!
- If you have a dirty room, clean it! It feels good to relax in a nice, clean room, and it takes a while!
- Try and get lost around your neighborhood and then walk back home. Make sure you carry a phone just in case though!
- Write a short story on a random topic
- Take some artistic photos. Try and be creative!
- Make up an exercise routine and stick with it!

These are all things that I have personally done throughout my holidays, so I don't get bored as much.

If you still couldn't think of something to do, at least you wasted some time reading this post! Check out my other website for some tutorials to do, which only need paper!

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