Monday, 18 October 2010

Respectful relationships

Today, in Health class we were discussing what a healthy relationship is made up of. I said that for a relationship to work, everyone involved should not be selfish, and think of the other person first. As soon as I said this, every kid in the room laughed, as though I was imagining things. They said that is just old fashioned, and a stupid thought. To me what was essential in a relationship, to others was something that didn't matter! Has the relationship rules changed in the last few years?

Meet Ab & Ba. They are flatmates and friends. Ab goes into emotional breakdown for a week, and Ba helps him out, as that is what he would've wanted Ab to do to him. Next month, Ba goes into an emotional breakdown. To return the favor, Ab helps him out. It might seem like a nice relationship, with both supporting each other, but looking deeply, there is only selfish motives. There is no love. This is kind of sad. Probably, their friendship will fall apart, as Ab or Ba ask or more help than they are giving.

I can't just point out what is a bad relationship, what about a good one. Well, to put it perfectly, we all should follow God's example, which Jesus tells us. He says "Love our neighbor". He doesn't state why, he doesn't give a reason, but just to love. Love is what is important in a relationship. Through love, it will grow, and become stronger. It will be what relationships were meant to be.

Meet the changed Ab and Ba. They now know that the way they were acting with each other was wrong, and that were being selfish. Now, they don't have a motive to help, they just do. They don't have a selfish heart, they think of their friend first. However, human relationships will never be perfect. Ab and Ba had differences. They thought different on politics, TV shows, who should do the dishes, and all other things. What matters, is that they both still thought of each other.

Just to wrap up, I hope you have love in your relationships now, and that you could keep thinking of others, and not yourself.

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