Monday, 18 October 2010

Ideas that don't exist yet

Thanks for reading my blog.

Here are some ideas I thought I could pull off but I am too lazy. If you want to do them feel free to. I would love to buy or see the new thing!

1. A website called what consumers want.
Where consumers could give ideas to companies on how to do better. If lots of people saw what people were thinking then they could also push that idea to the company. Many voices becoming one, till the company put it into effects.

2. An umbrella that covers all sides.
I hate when it is raining. Because whatever i do with my umbrella I still get wet. Rain comes from an angle, my bag is sticking out, it reflects of the ground. To prevent this, a umbrella with dangling down sides would stop the rain coming from an angle, and protect any sticking out things! Like a bag. I would definitely buy this umbrella.

I especially hope No.1 comes into effect. Whoever makes it will make lots of money!!!

Thanks for reading my blog.


1 comment:

  1. These umbrellas do exist. I had one when I was little. It was plastic though. Heavy plastic but still plastic. You really don't see them much though. I haven't really seen them more than once or twice at the most. Keep looking though as they do exist.